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Level Descriptions

Tutorial - Learn how to play

Easy 1 - The waves begin

Easy 2 - Power play

Easy 3 - Prudence is key

Players begin with a larger than normal amount of coins, but monster drop no additional.  Interest still applies after every wave.

Easy 4 - Hold the line

Special 1 - From all sides

The first level to contain twenty waves of monsters.  Spiders are the only monsters that appear in this level, followed by a Totem boss in wave 20.  Completing this level for the first time unlocks the Speed Potion ability.

Medium 1 - Shortcut

Medium 2 - Smile

Medium 3 - Bridge out!

Medium 4 - Treeless forest

Only four trees on the entire level.

Medium 5 - Monster mishmash

A long initial pause and then ten simultaneous waves of enemies, followed by two bosses.

Medium 6 - Heart

Medium 7 - Roundabout

Special 2 - Lines of attack

Completing this level for the first time unlocks the Remote Mine ability.

Hard 1 - So many monsters

Hard 2 - Double team

Hard 3 - Pond patrol

Hard 4 - Swirling paths

Hard 5 - Semicircle assaults

Monsters drop no gems, so players can only use the initial three towers.

Hard 6 - The Final Stage

Special 3 - Eruption Destruction

After every wave, a fireball from the volcano will destroy a random single tower.  Completing the level for the first time unlocks the Lightning Tower.

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