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Toki Tori lives! And no one knows why

Cheap to start an review with a comparison analogy. So here goes, I will do just that. Toki Tori can be considered to be a mix of Lemmings and Braid. A puzzle platform in other words. Comparison to Braid is not really accurate since original Toki Tori was released 10 years ago for Game Boy Color. The PC and Mac version got its release almost 10 years later (2010). Quite an long life for a such mediocre game.

Purpose of the Toki Tori is to guide a yellow chick through various of terrains and collect eggs. With his aid it has a selection of tools and aids. This is done in vein of Lemmings where a set of tools and aids are give to the player. The puzzle part comes from playing figuring out what compilation to use in certain parts. Game has a rewind function. Not too different to Braid or recent racing games. Allowing player the rewind back and try to use the aids in different part or rewind back a bit in case of a death. This seems like addition included in this PC/Mac version. Hats of if it was on the original GBC version as well. It is nice addition but makes the game even easier. Same time it does help to speed up the gameplay a bit since you don't have start the level from start. The yellow protagonist is controlled with mouse pointing where you want it to travel. This lengthens the gameplay because the chicken is not really a speedy character. Makes one wonder why you cant speed up the time, but can freely rewind.

Graphically this 2010 PC release looks crisp in HD definition. Graphics are simple 2D style with charming animations. The big yellow bird being the main character and the difficulty clearly points the game to aimed at younger audience. The 4 worlds each consist of 10-12 stages which are blasted through in ~five of hours. There is also set of more challenging levels to give bit more length to the game. Steam achievements and bonus levels are added as well. Having not played the original GBC game I can only assume the soundtrack being the same with updated instruments and arrangements. The tracks follow the lightly chirpy mood. Only gripe here is that the tracks will start to repeat themselves bit too soon.



 Nothing concrete to complain about here. Toki Tori is very mediocre and only the last and hard levels give a challenge. As mentioned probably more suitable for players of more casual approach.  


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