List of Games Beaten in 2011

Hooray, a new one of these. What eclectic mix of interactive entertainment will appear on here over the coming months? Can I beat last year's total? Will anyone care? The answers to these questions and more, only on Mento's "List of Games Beaten in 2011".

So let's answer some of these questions, and others, with another stats round-up like I did with 2010's list. Maybe it'll be of interest to you, mister random person who probably clicked this list in error:

  • Total Games Completed: 60 (clearly the same number of items on this list. Doy. 8 down from last year)
  • 2011 Games Completed: 32 (over half? Man, getting some mileage out of those rental vouchers)
  • 2010 Games Completed: 13 (still a few games I missed in 2010, then)
  • 10+ Year Old Games Completed: 2 (hey, I'm not stuck in the distant past at least. There'll come a time, though.)
  • Games Started But Not Finished: 11 (I do try to beat everything. Some games aren't for me though, and others are in-progress as the year closes out.)
  • System Breakdown: PS3 (20), 360 (18), Steam (9), Wii (2) DS/3DS (7), PC (3). (not much in it here. First year in over a decade where I didn't beat a PS2 game)
  • First Game of Year: Just Cause 2 (how to start right)
  • Last Game of Year: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (to round out the numbers more than anything)

List items

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Edited by Spacetrucking

How do you finish games in 2-3 days (weekdays no less)? Don't you feel burned out by going through this many games so quickly, not to mention the monetary consequences of buying so many new games at/near launch?

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Posted by Mento

@Killjoi: Games are generally fairly short, and most of these are rentals, gifts or Steam games I bought in bulk during a sale (dammit, Valve.) You're right about the burning out though, so I sometimes find myself taking a week off to recharge. There's actually a ~14 day gap in both June and July. To do Summer stuff? I guess?

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Posted by dankempster

Whoa, that's a lot of video games. Makes my total of twenty-nine games finished this year look almost insignificant by comparison. Anyway, awesome list Mento. Some great games on there, and I commend you for having been so productive in the last twelve month. Here's to more games in 2012!

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Posted by Mento

@dankempster: I'd say this was a clear case of me being very counter-productive this year, but the sentiment's appreciated.

I sort of want to beat another relatively short downloadable game tomorrow for a nice round 60. But that would be crazy. Crazy enough to work.