PSA: Playstation Plus get Add-ons for free for a limited time...

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Just wanted to give a headsup to any Plus users who haven't picked up the addons yet

Also a few free to everyone costumes (from LocoRoco and Mainichi Issho) available.

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Now if only they'd release the Salary Man.

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They just added more free gear to the store, free for everyone I believe. They also added the locked DLC animals for purchase.

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Jasonefmonk is correct. 7 new items on the PSN store.

There's 4 new animals (~$1 each, or $2.50 for the fourin a bundle) up on the marketplace. Crocodile, Giraffe, Panda Bear, Kangaroo.

Kangaroo is a grazer, has good movement speed, decent hunger, and surprisingly strong. His attacks are quick and powerful. He can also unlock the Boxing Gloves gear (haven't got them yet, not sure if they're any good).

Giraffe is a grazer, also quite quick, and can unlock the Hibiscus. This neckwear is expensive at 86k SP and only has 5 durability, but it doubles the rate at which plants appear when worn. Very good item.

Panda Bear is the third grazer. Plays like the normal bear with two exceptions - the obvious being that it eats grass, the less obvious being that it's a little smaller, so it can use sewers. Still good power (though his attack is slow to use), plenty of health and defense. There's the whole Schoolgirl outfit set to unlock with Panda, but they can be picked up in random drops anyway.

Crocodile rounds out the set, and is the only Predator of the lot. It's as you'd expect. Big, powerful, slow. It's so big (how big?) that if you kill prey too close to a wall, you won't be able to eat it because you can't get to it. No items to unlock for this guy. It looks hilarious when he jumps, too.

Personally, I think it's worth buying the set. Giraffe is worth it for the Hibiscus alone. Kangaroo is great to play as, very powerful and fast. Crocodile is a behemoth and a change of pace. Panda is probably the weakest of the set, but he's free effectively, seeing as the bundle is basically Four for the Price of Two and a Half.

There are also 3 new body costumes (all free) on the marketplace. They all have 0 (aka infinite) durability. There's a Patapon thing, an Echochrome thing, and a "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" thing. I think the Patapon is the best of them, as it adds 10 to your hunger gauge.

I'd love to add the info to the DLC tab of the wiki, but apparently you need 1000 or 5000 giantbomb points to add new DLC info.

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