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Pomeranian with a fedora 0

The tag line basically sums up a lot of my experience with this game. Walking around a deserted Tokyo that kinda reminds me of the city in the I Am Legend movie minus Will Smith. The game gives you a tutorial right off the bat but with an urge to start running around with animals and the somewhat I comprehensive overview of the game I promptly said fuck that and proceeded to the game. What awaited was something I've never even thought would be a game, but I'm glad it is. As a dashing young Pomer...

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Natural Selection 0

This game has a story. I'm going to talk explicitly about it. Be warned.While Tokyo jungle is set in the 2030s, its real plot begins 200 years later when humanity has nearly wiped itself out with pollution and general stupidity. Rather than accept that fate, scientists create a time machine to transport current humans into the past and, presumably, not fuck up quite as badly. However, as the game explains, because of the "law of conservation of mass," the same amount of material going back in ti...

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A unique and creative game that's worth playing 0

Pros:-Funny and clever gameplay-Unique design choices-Ton's of unlocks to keep you busy-Controls and combat are a solid experience-Large roster of animals to play asCons:-Bad Graphics-Can become quite difficult-Combat can be unbalanced at timesTokyo Jungle is probably one of the most unique games to come out this year, hell it might be one of the most unique games period. It has an interesting concept and some bizarre (but good) gameplay and design choices, it provides an entirely new experience...

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Tokyo Jungle Review 0

Tokyo Jungle is unlike anything you’ve played on this current generation of hardware. Period. Sure, you can compare this to others of its ilk, like the original Playstation’s Vib-Ribbon, another out-there idea executed well. But nothing else, whether Playstation 3, Xbox 360 or PC, compares to the premise, and ultimate delivery, of Tokyo Jungle.So what is the premise, you ask? You play as an animal and you must survive the wasteland, concrete jungle, that Tokyo has become. Since the humans are de...

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