Percentage of open planning vs on-rails?

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Was really interested in this until I read about a potentially rather large amount of the campaign being on-rails shooting sections? I want large levels to plan squad tactics, not some game where I only need the left stick and the right trigger!

Those who have finished it, without spoiling, could you give me an indicator of how much this is a squad shooter, or a Michael Bay tech demo?


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Well, Ive played 8 of 12 missions. I think there are 12 don't quote me on it though. There have been 4 or 5 on rails section and they are mostly just for a few minutes and can be very challenging on the higher difficulties. They are mostly protect the VIP type things. The rest of the missions require quite a bit of tactics though. Grab the game, 3 friends and play on the hardest difficulty and you have to be talking and directing your squadmates around the entire time if you want to be successful at completing the challenges. (Don't know if any of that made sense, running on a half hour sleep today)

EDIT: Should clarify, compared to other Ghost Recon games it is a little dumbed down but nowhere near to the extent Rohok's post on here says. I found my Rogue Spear disk and played a few of the missions to see how it fares. All that I can say is that the game industry is different and it demands different games now. But both are awesome and fun to play in their own rights. (Once again, this all could make no sense at all haha)

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Haha na mate thats awesome thankyou!! 4 or 5 is totally fine by me! As long as their are a lot of areas where I can plan some tactics, just for the sake of replay value!!

Cheers mate!! :D

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@ShalashaskaUK666 said:

Haha na mate thats awesome thankyou!! 4 or 5 is totally fine by me! As long as their are a lot of areas where I can plan some tactics, just for the sake of replay value!!

Cheers mate!! :D

I wouldn't really say that there's really not a lot of planing tactics going on in this game. You kinda approach the scenarios blind (sure you have your drone, but it's range is fairly limited), and just go for it. It basically boils down to "when no one is watching you shot that guy, you shoot that guy, I'll shoot this guy and we'll just hope for the best".

You have no control over your teammates movement. You can't tell them to hold their fire, go silent etc, and when you've been spotted there's no going's "kill everyone"-time. Furthermore, if someone discovers a body, then suddenly EVERYONE knows your position...even if you're nowhere near the body, and your camo is up. That, plus the fact that A LOT of sequences forces you to just shoot it out, means that the time spent in sneaky, "tactical", sync-shot mode (which is by far the best thing in the game) is limited to about a third of the total game play.

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@SharkEthic: Yeah, thats what I was getting at with playing with 3 other friends. It lets you be a lot more tactical its unfortunate you can't move your squad around in single player but I have barely played it. Multiplayer is also a refreshing change from running and gunning in first person shooters, I just hope they bring in things like gunsmith for Rainbow Six Patriots but it would lose alot if you couldnt direct your squad. I've also found if you do the stealth sequences properly you dont need to go into firefights except for a few "set pieces" that require it.

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