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 Tower of the Sorcerer is a Windows PC game released into obscurity in the year 2000. The game was designed by two Japanese men, and is a top-down RPG.

Official Story Description

According to the author's website, the plot of the game is "It may seem that the story is usual. Brave man is trying to save princess caught in the tower. But this is not so usual and normal story. Well, this story is even not from this game. Why? Check this while playing." From this alone, it is clear that the game is written in poor English, and this is likely part of the reason it is extremely obscure to many people.


Gameplay in Tower of the Sorcerer is reasonably general, and is based around travelling up different floors, fighting against stronger enemies as you advance. Winning in a battle will reward you with XP, which allows you to upgrade your attributes, such as your defence, offence and overall health. In addition, each level is randomly generated upon booting of the game, so it is unlikely to ever play the same map twice.

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