High Scores issue

#1 Posted by AndyMP (254 posts) -

There are a couple users who have extremely high scores and by high I mean insanely high - like, hacked the game, high, So in the mini games some of the highest scores are up around 2billion and the 3rd or 4th highest might only be 2million. Which tells you something isn't right.

Hopefully these can be wiped and if an exploit is being taken advantage of, hopefully a patch applied.

I don't care much for high scores but I don't see why people should cheat their way through.

#2 Posted by laserbolts (5446 posts) -

It happens in the majority of games with leaderboards. The best thing to do is ignore it and move on.

#3 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

They got the shit hacked out of their leaderboards, hope they eventually fix it

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