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One of the better kids games in a while. 0

    It has been roughly 6 months since I decided I would no longer play very many games that were made specifically for children. In 2009 I would play almost anything no matter how terrible it was or how bored I was while playing it. In 2010 I have stuck pretty closely to my plan and have been only playing games that I have been genuinely interested in playing.  I am pretty happy that I made an exception for Toy Story 3: The Video Game. While the game is very clearly made for children, I t...

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Better than You'd Think 0

Disney has quietly worked to revamp their gaming division, ending their practice of outsourcing game development to THQ and, instead, hiring gifted developers like Warren Specter to build up an excellent studio. One of their first, if not their first, movie tie-ins is for the newly released Toy Story 3. And the game has a weak story mode...but a borderline inspired sandbox (well, toy box) mode. It doesn't seem to follow the movie's plot...I certainly can't claim to have a clue about the pl...

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Toy Story 3 (PC) Review 2

Toy Story 3 is an odd game. While it does have many a situation where in it finds itself falling into the traps that most movie tie in games do, it has a certain something that seems to move it a notch above your average movie game tie in. As we all know, most movie tie in games are made for the sole reason of a company wanting to make a quick buck on a new movies release. However Toy Story 3 looks as if it had a developer who really loved the series and wanted to make sure the game wasn’t ju...

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Completely bucks the trend for movie licensed games. 0

 "What's this?" I hear you ask. "This guy has actually bought a game based on the Toy Story 3 film? Is he mad? For one, movie licensed games are rubbish and Pixar games have one of the worst reputations..."I hear you. And I agree with you. I found myself saying exactly the same things when I allowed myself to get dragged in to the hype of Pixar's latest masterpiece. Having just come out of the cinema, having seen the excellent film, and immediately popped into my local games shop and picked up T...

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Solid fun game about toys with stories! My DarkZero review 0

 It was inevitable that Toy Story 3 would spin off a videogame. It’s a huge movie that’s  a smash-hit at the box office and videogame publishers usually eye this up as a chance to make some quick cash from the films popularity. Normally when this happens, the video game representing the movie usually turns out to be terrible, or at best mediocre. There is, however, the occasional game that breaks the mould and this time that game is Toy Story 3. Yep, you’re hearing my correct; Toy Story 3 ...

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Short but sweet experience 0

 The movie Toy Story 3, as of the time of the writing of this review, holds several records and is regarded as a masterpiece of animation. In my personal opinion, the third entry of the franchise deserves all the praise it gets, but it comes as a surprise that most of the games related to the movie are also quite enjoyable! With the exception of the PC/Wii versions which suffered unexplainable content limitations, the other versions seem to fare very well. We'll focus on the DS game here....

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