Trash Panic is out!

#1 Posted by chronix (181 posts) -

Downloading 1166MB my my

#2 Posted by cmckinla (18 posts) -

A playable tutorial would have been nice but oh well. The game is quirky but intriguing!

#3 Posted by WillyLo (302 posts) -

for 4.99 who cares? lol Though I downloaded it once so far and it just wouldn't install... here's hoping the second time works.

Anyone download the Sony Conference and notice some cuts in GOW3 and audio errors on part 3? They cut out the best parts from what the crowds responses would be, from what I hear anyway.

#4 Posted by chronix (181 posts) -

Oh yeah no tutorial.  And a blank loading screen isntead of showing something like controls.

And the main menu isn't exactly intuitive

The gameplay is fun though tough

#5 Posted by cmckinla (18 posts) -

There actually is a tutorial that you can select via the main menu but it's not an interactive one and is about 18 pages. Definitely a necessary read. Yeah, the game is pretty fun but tough, I'm stuck on level 2 right now.

#6 Posted by TheKidNixon (1564 posts) -

Jess and Ryan will lose their collective minds.

#7 Posted by EpicSteve (6499 posts) -

So is it cool? I'm pretty stoked! I'll download first thing in the morning.

#8 Posted by chronix (181 posts) -

Yeah I found the manual, definately worth reading.  I'm on level 3.  Got lucky on level 2 and a bomb blew up and cleared 95% of my trash can :)

#9 Posted by buzz_clik (7026 posts) -

Jeff says it's hard.

#10 Posted by CrashTanuki (302 posts) -

Don't worry about getting all of the trophies for this game, as most of them are about beating the game in various ways and I don't think you'll be close to beating it just once for a while after you first play it. It's definitely a bit harder to get a grasp of this game right away, but reading through the manual in the barrel part of the menu helped a lot.

#11 Posted by sloppyjoe (405 posts) -

It's hard at first, but once you read the tutorial you get an idea of how to play.  Not sure how to do the Eco vs Ego type victories, but I beat the "Sweets" levels last night.  To burn the trash effectively, close the hid and heat up the temp.... but before O2 gets too low, just lift off the top and leave it off a crack.  So O2 can get in, but the next item doesn't drop until you open the lid up fully.

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