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Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage is a two player cooperative puzzle platform game. The game is presented in deliberately retro monochromic colors and sprites. The Xbox 360 has a frame around the screen to make the game look like a Nintendo Gameboy game. The music is a single chip-tune track.


 Xbox 360 version
 Xbox 360 version

The game takes place in a medieval castle where 21 treasures are hidden (20 treasure chests in the original PC version). The player's objective is to capture all these treasure chests and exit the castle. This is done by controlling a couple named Troy and Trixie that both have unique skills. Troy is able to push blocks, carry and throw items. However, Trixie is able to jump much higher than Troy. A combination of each skill is required for players to find the treasures.

The exit can be used on any point during the game but it is considered to be a bad ending to leave without all treasures or if only Trixie or Troy exit on their own.

Differences between the PC and the Xbox 360 versions

 PC version
 PC version

The most obvious difference between these versions is the presentation. The PC version game is split into two screens, one for each character. In the Xbox 360 version the action takes place in a single screen. The screen is split when one character gets too far away from the other character. The screen splits interactively and changes according to the characters positions. The Xbox 360 version also is more suited for a single player since the characters can be changed to on the fly. On the PC version there are two sets of controllers for each screen. The other differences on Xbox 360 version are one extra treasure and the HD graphics.

Link to the PC version

Link to Xbox 360 Marketplace

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