If Tribes 2 HD or Tribes 3 were a possible XBLA/PSN release...

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I may be kicking a dead horse here but we just had a Perfect Dark HD released for the XBLA market. There are many games getting this "HD" title after their name to give it that shiny new coat. You may feel that their are suckers out there that are foolish enough to buy games of previous generations and justify the purchase because the graphics were redone and presented as HD. You find me that game I want, make it HD and I will be the sucker to buy it. If by any chance a publisher buys the rights to this game, remap the controls and give her a new coat, we may be surprised in how well the console community may take this game.  For those who never heard of Tribes, think of it a BFBC2 with jetpacks, vehicle and CTF gameplay for a quick rundown.
A game not too long ago came out called Section 8. Some have claimed this being like Tribes and in so sparked my interest. So I downloaded the demo and played many hours of the game. After each match, I still could not make the connection that this would be similar to. Each game I played, it just keep reminding me of TF2 gameplay with the Halo 3: ODST skin and attitude.
Personally, I would like to see a Tribes 3 made for the Steam/XBLA/PSN marketplace with a $10-$15 price tag like Battlefield 1942 was without the abandonment issues. I am also a fan of tighter maps like the decission DICE did with BFBC2 making slightly smaller maps to increase the frequency of firefights and keeping the action not hard to find. Tribes is strictly a multiplayer game and still have this unique shooter feel where verticality is key and firefights feels more like a dogfight vs the twitch reflex. Each map in the past brought in different gameplay to maximize success in that particular environment wheither it being a fast pace CTF on a smaller map or the epic battleground with the rules of Domination and CTF are put together. 
Would you take the opportunity to play this game if it was ever released on XBLA or PSN?

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I just couldn't see me enjoy playing Tribes with a console controller.  It's just way too fast-paced and generally crazy.  I'd still be behind them if they decided to do it though. If it sold well it might warrant a new Tribes game which would be awesome.

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Also consider that part of Tribes charm was all the mods, something the consoles haven't been able to implement.  *Edit* We probably should never forget how bad Tribes: vengeance was too. *end edit*
Tribes 2 is available for free now, last I checked a community run program was keeping the master server alive not sure if it's still up.

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@yinstarrunner:  That is the charm of the game. It can get fast paced when players remaster skiing(using gravity, grenades and centrifuge discs to increase movement speed) and jugger-pult(a juggernaut grenade/mortar jump). I remember how chaotic games were the first month, then later a game of well orchestrated attacks and runs. Firefights are now dogfights and speed  could cause your own end.
@Maniac:  Yes, I have PlayTribes and Tribes 2. I haven't been on a game of either of them lately though. I would like to see the control scheme fitted right in order to do the insane moves a runner would pull during a pursuit. I would like to see the Chat Pad for the Xbox 360 or PS3 control be used for advance commands like the animations for waving, thrusting and dancing. I tend to have my character dance while I do repairs or deploy turrets as an engineer class. Sometimes I do the big facepalm when I just realized I have not enough time and juice to survive a landing from a super ski jump.
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I just want a legit sequel by Garage Games. Tribes Next, Legions, Legends, Ascension.. all great ideas, but nothing worth sticking around for.

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An HD Remake for PSN/XBLA would not work at all. There is no way you can fit everything onto a controller, and aiming probably wouldn't work too well with analog sticks either.  I think the only way it would work on PSN/XBLA is if they made a brand new Tribes 3 and worked it from the ground up for console.  If it were set up similar to Fallen Empire: Legions, that would probably be more ideal for console, and then add the rest of the stuff that Tribes was known for, such as the vehicles, deployable items, and more weapons.  If a Tribes 3 was made for steam, that would be even better.  Tribes is not meant to be played on a controller, mouse and keyboard is the best way to play Tribes without stripping it down too much. 
As for the comment about Section 8, I really like that game, but it's no Tribes.  It seems like the only people who compare it to Tribes are the people who never played Tribes.  Yeah, section 8 has teamwork, deployable items, and jetpacks, but the similarities end there.  Gameplay is nothing the same.

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