tribes 2

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Tribes 2 is now totally free.

For those who dont know what tribes 2 is look at my bio there a movie of it. 

Its a pretty old game but a very good one with a very steep leaning curve, so dont go in there thinking you will own.

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It's one of the best multiplayer FPS ever.  But, is there much of a community left?

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The community is pretty small sadly =(.

Theres more people playing fallen empire: legions (wich isnt a bad game)
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I'll download this, I played it a long time ago and it was good, I remember flying with a jet pack.

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Man, this is one of my most-played games of all time. I gave up on it once things started to dwindle shortly before the floppy Tribes: Vengeance came out, but my God did I love it — played it from the week it came out.

However, I think I'd rather leave those happy memories as... well, happy memories. I have a great view from my mind's eye of the game, and I suspect if I actually went back to it seeing the aged graphics and slim community would kind of damage my awesome recollections. :D

Speaking of Tribes though, check this out (watch the whole video for multiple environments):

Really, really makes me want a new Tribes game. :(

#6 Posted by xionpunk (390 posts) -

good times

#7 Posted by CynageN (1205 posts) -

I encourage everyone to play it. Glad to see fellow tribes players around the community, was beginning to think I was the only one. :)

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I'm really jonesing for a new Tribes game that doesn't suck!

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