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You like that back? Good get used to looking at it and the constant blue hue.

Let me preface this whole game; I am a new Tron fan. My brother is a Tron fanatic, and I have always and will always find the movie Tron as boring. Being brought up with Drew and basically liking everything he has, the first diversion was with that movie. Now, as the announcement for this year's release of Tron: Legacy, I became excited and amazed, only due to the fact that of the kick-ass soundtrack by Daft Punk, and the visuals. The then later announcement of the game relating to the movie, Tron: Evolution(the game) got me even more so excited.

Now, onto today, or shall I say last month... I get the game and I just am in awe. I can't wait to play this potentially great game. The parkour-esque actions, the actual nuances of Tron i.e. the light cycles and pipe lining....*sigh*

You play as Anon, a System Monitor, that is tasked to stop this so called 'virus' Abraxas, who corrupts and infects ISO's and Basics. You fight Abraxas, but during he corrupts a whole part of Tron City where you withness Clu's, Flynn's personal program, coup d'etat and the fatal 'deaths' of *dum dum dum!* FLYNN AND TRON! 

Let me just say that I like to think I am a very good video game player. I hold my own in almost every situation from the games I have played, and I have played a lot of games. There have been about 40 years of experience in games in my household and that kinda means something. Not trying to showboat or anything, just stating facts. Anyway this games controls are fucked. You can only press the face buttons with no struggle or frustration. Anything else, shit hits the fan. You have to hold down the right trigger to preform all those cool looking parkour stunts to get around the universe, but how the game reads you doing those stunts is completely screwed up. Constant fatigue in my right forefinger was the outcome from the 8 hour gameplay, excluding the many a time cussing from either badly timed jumps or unregistered button presses. I hate this games controlling. With a passion.

Using the powers of computers, you get to destroy corrupted inhabitants and Clu's personal army with four different types of 'discs'. Heavy, which is the sniper of the four, Bomb, the AOE type, Stasis, the freeze/slow down type, and Corrupt, the paralyze and stall type. You get to level up your health, abilities, and your different disc equipment with added memory to your disc. I'm sorry if that seems fucking boring and basic, but that's as far as it goes as being in laymen's terms. They added so much shit into their info that makes no sense whatsoever, it will melt your brain if you try to learn it. I get that it goes with the tech side of Tron, and it adds to the game(?) but for an average player, no. Just no.

Left:Young-fake Jeff Bridges, Center: Fake Jeff Bridges, Right: Tron

They have a multiplayer aspect to this which is dynamic with the experience meaning that it will add to your current experience regardless of being in offline single player, or online. I do like that. Thats cool. You can just play the shit out of the multiplayer and level up significantly fast compared to the redundancy of playing the single player. I only played three real matches of the multiplayer, two of which were just straight up Deathmatch. They call that "Derezzed." The other one was where you and your team were chasing a bit and holding onto it for a designated amount of points are reached, much like Halo's Oddball. I was level 15 when I went into the multiplayer and I was always second to this other dude. Both Derezzed matches he was first with 10, and I was second with 6. Then we went onto another type of Derezzed match just amongst us where within the 5-minute limit, I killed him 3 times. The Bit shit, was just frustrating. The Blue team had a 300 point advantage when I joined the game and I was the only one to get the bit from them for a measly 149 points to their then 497. The amount to win was 500...

Okay, so this game was okay. Not as good as I had hoped, but better than Tron 2.0. The frustration controls, the okay 'bridge the gap' storyline, and the meh multiplayer. I don't feel like I wasted my 60 dollars, but I also don't praise for buying it. So...yeah...this review sucks, but so does this game kinda. 3 out of 5. 

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