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If you like city building

If you enjoyed Sim City, chances are you will enjoy this game. The game is a city builder that has a heavy focus on resource management, you make most of your money from export and not from taxes.

So you need to produce goods, starting with basic things like crops, harvesting lumber and mining ore. The raw goods can be exported for relatively small amounts of money. Or you can build factories, to turn sugar into rum or logs into furniture. However they are expensive to build so you can't do it right away.

You also have to deal with the threat of rebels, and if your people are unhappy their numbers will swell. You provide them housing, religion, healthcare, and entertainment. It really is a communist paradise.

For those that have played 3, 4 is not a massive change. It is however a nice upgrade in almost all areas. It plays very similar to 3, just better in every way. Some nice additions like imports and quickbuild add other options.

All in all if you are a sandbox city lover this game has a lot to offer you.


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