leafhopper's Turba (PC) review

A fun mix of puzzle and music.

 Turba is a fun little game on Steam that combines the puzzle gameplay of something similar to bejeweled and the music of...well whatever music you have on your computer! I love other games like this including Audiosurf and Beat Hazard. This review was originally posted on January 10 2011 on my Gamespot profile.

There are 3 game modes. Freeplay which is a game mode you cant lose in. A row of blocks simply just disappear from the bottom and you continue until the song is over. Ascend is when the blocks are rising to the top of the screen and you have to score points while preventing the wall of blocks from reaching the top. The blocks in ascend mode appear one by one. Then there is descend which you also cant lose but the blocks come from the top to the bottom.

What adds challenge to the game is that depending on the tempo of the song, the blocks will come fast or slow or in some cases just stop. How affected the blocks are by the song depends on the difficulty. The only problem I have with this game is that, that is all the songs do. They don't add anything extra like in "Beat Hazard" with a pulsating background.

Overall the game is still really fun to play and it also has 20 Steam achievements and leaderboards. I got it in the Steam Christmas sale for 2 dollars and 50 cents but the game is worth the price it is now as well.


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