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Known as the "Black Hammer", Ulthane is an Old One, an ancient being older than both Heaven and Hell. His nickname is derived from his legendary status as a revered and renowned craftsman. His skill with a smith's hammer is only matched by his ferocity in battle and his nonchalant attitude to the world around him. 

Story (spoilers)

After meeting up, War and Ulthane will engage in a contest of killing angels and a counter will pop up at the top-right of the screen. If War kills more angels than Ulthane the player is award the "Who's Counting?" achievement/trophy as well as the Combat Lore enhancement (which boosts weapon experience gained in combat and War's passive armor level). After defeating The Griever you must return to Ulthane and he gives you the pistol, Mercy, which is said to be one of the firearms of another Horseman, Strife. Later revealed to be the crafter of the Armageddon Blade, War searches out the sword fragments so that Ulthane can reforge the legendary weapon.    

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