Uncharted 3 lead designer talks being mainstream, liking ponies

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Not all "bronies" are unemployed social rejects.  One of them just happens to be working on the biggest holiday release on the PS3.
One might suspect that Naughty Dog lead designer Jacob Minkoff would have an endless loop of Indiana Jones and National Treasure films playing in the background while he slaves away at one of the biggest holiday releases of 2011.  But in actuality, the Uncharted project lead's inspiration comes more in the form of furry, wide-eyed cartoon critters: 
"As I sit here, working on Uncharted 3 until the wee hours of the morning, episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic playing in the background, I think about how this holiday season I'm going to celebrate the release of U3, play me some Skyrim, and (if the rumors pan out) watch the heck out of some ponies." 
In his latest (personal) blog post, the NYU grad discusses what it means to be mainstream, having to cater to the masses instead of pursuing a "pure" artistic vision.  Naturally, Minkoff reaffirms that working on AAA, blockbuster titles might seem creatively restricting in theory; he cites a classic scene from the 1942 film Sullivan's Travels, in which a creatively inclined director clashes with executives who are more keen on films "with a little sex in it" than anything that might challenge or sympathize with the common man. 
But in practice, he sees those constraints as more of a challenge, and a tool set.
"My favorite stories are the simple ones - the ones that people take for granted.  Overwrought, convoluted critical darlings can be thought-provoking...but what about the schlock?  Such stories get greenlit because they target a specific, reliable demographics and feed it the tropes that market research says it will pay for.
But frankly, I find "blue sky" concept development boring and a little decadent.  To be presented with constraints, to innovate within the bounds of what is considered "commercial," to color within the lines, to sneak something unique and wondrously crafted through this machine - now THAT is what excites me."
True to the fandom, Minkoff also couldn't resist relating his thoughts to animated ponies:
 "MLP: FiM is a superbly executed testament to the power that skillful execution has to elevate any subject matter.  All it had to do was be pink and sell toys.  Instead, it dares to not talk down to its audience.  It present complex personalities and issues in simple ways.  It lavishes traditional squash and stretch and secondary motion all over its potentially simplistic, flash-like character animation.  It transcends its demographic target and appeals to anyone who appreciates humor, sincerity, and a solid dose of cute." 
So what are the chances that Twilight Sparkle might make an appearance in Nathan Drake's latest adventure? 
Source: Jacob Minkoff | Game Designer
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Great article

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Good article, but I can't tell if he's being serious about My Little Pony.

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