Weird trip to Goodwill, totally Uncharted 3 related

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About once a week, I'll hit the Goodwill by my office, just to see what they've added to their ever-growing collection of busted electronics and maybe pick up a couple of books. Last Friday, I stopped in after grabbing something to eat, and as I was walking into the front door, a box with Nathan Drake on it was sitting to the left on a counter w/ $14.99 marked on it. Went over and checked it out, lo and behold, 100% sealed copy of Uncharted 3 CE for $14.99! I grabbed it, giddy with excitement that my Infamous 2 Cole statue would have a companion, only to see 3 more identical boxes sitting behind the counter it was on.

In the end, I bought all 4, gave 2 copies to friends of mine over the weekend and sold the 4th on CL pretty quick for $60. They were apparently from a nearby Target, because they still had Target clearance tags on them with the price markered out.

As someone who bought UC3 at launch and beat my head against the wall for a while then trying to decide if I wanted to spend the $100 on the CE, it was a pretty good weekend :).

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I got my regular copy of U3 on 11.11.11 when I got Skyrim and I still want the CE. The bonus stuff is just so cool. :(

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You'd be surprised at what you'd find at Goodwill. Around this time last year I found a sealed copy of Starcraft II for $13.

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