I am doing an Uncharted short film

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It's going to be loosely based on the Eye of Indra because unfortunately for my class I have to change 20% of a story if I want to adapt it (I have to add stuff to it, I just can't delete 20% of the story).
So I was wondering does anyone have any ideas of any escapades Nathan Drake could get into before they try to rob Mr. Pinkerton?
I'm removing some of the tougher shots (like the part where he throws a bottle in the air and smashes it on the guy's face because I'm a perfectionist and we don't have any money for that special breakable glass) so it looks better in the final product.
So anyone have any ideas of what I could add or change?

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I have been toying with this idea myself as a film project, 
most people will not be aware of the sort of "think on his feet" vagabond Nate is.  I suggest a previous arrangement which goes pear-shaped (in the air of perhaps a tense discussion between the benefactor and Drake, with Drake being fully aware that his employer had meant him to perish before arriving here). This could be placed after the torture scene at the beginning. Its important to remember that Drake can seem very one-dimensional if you don't take time seeing his character in a scene that isn't dense in plot. This might seem a little raw but I'm just spitballing here. 
Keep posting updates on this duder as I'm intrigued to see how this turns out :P
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@MatPaget: Good luck, sir. I am sorry I can't help you since I never played Uncharted 1 or 2 (and apparently Eye of Indra is a comic, so I haven't read that also).  
But, for what I can tell, Uncharted has similarities to Indiana Jones. So include some kind of treasure hunt (maybe somehow connected to Drake's past (parents mysteries or maybe a brother/sister that suddenly appears that he didn't know of OOOHH!! but in the end he/she isn't really his brother/sister and was only after the treasure OOOHHHH!!!)) or some kind of love triangle (one of those may be the assistance of Mr. Pinkerton OOHHH!!)

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