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Ushimitsu High School is one of the most important locations in Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo. Many of the events that take place in the game are related to the high school in some way.


 The unnamed protagonist is seen at the end of the game.
In the beginning of the game, Shunsuke Utsugi and the unnamed protagonist of the game investigate a murder victim, a student at Ushimitsu named Yoko Kojima. Ayumi Tachibana, another student at the school, assists in the investigation frequently, due to her close relationship with Yoko Kojima. Very few other students are named. Hitomi Kawai is another close friend of Yoko's, and one of the few male students seen in the game. Some Ushimitsu alumni are introduced in the game, including Ryoko Katsuragi, Sayaka Ishibashi, and Shinobu Asakawa (all linked somehow to the central plot of the game, The Tale of the Girl in Back).

Teachers and Faculty

 Tatsuya Hibino is a pivotal character in the game.
Despite the small amount of students introduced in the game, there are numerous teachers. Tatsuya Hibino is the nervous English teacher, Hisako Hayama is an alumna of Ushimitsu, and the originator of the Tale of the Girl in Back, Toshio Tazaki is the janitor of the school, Tadashi Urabe is the respected principal of the school, and Tetsuharu Komada is the oldest teacher at the school, and assists very much during the investigation. Two of the teachers end up being closely linked to the murders in the game: Tatsuya Hibino and Tadashi Urabe. Hibino killed many of the people, and Urabe was a witness who lied to protect Hibino and himself (as he accidentally hit a student with his car).

The Tale of the Girl in Back

 The title card for The Girl in Back.
One of the central plot points, The Tale of the Girl in Back originated at Ushimitsu High School. Hisako Hayama was a student at the school who came back to the school one night to get some books she left there. That same night, Tatsuya Hibino decided to murder a hated pub owner named Genjiro Kaneda. He confessed to Tadashi Urabe about what he was going to do, and when Urabe came to try and stop him, Urabe hit Shinobu Asakawa (the only witness to Genjiro's murder) as she was fleeing from the scene. Shinobu was mortally wounded, but she still managed to run back to the school, where Hayama saw her and thought that she was a ghost.

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