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Uthgerd the Unbroken is a Nord warrior living in Whiterun. Although she has her own house, she always stays in The Bannered Mare and will occasionally speak to the bard Mikael. If the player speaks to her about her attitude, she will get annoyed and challenge the player to a brawl with a 100 septim bet. After beating her in the bet, she is available to marry or as a follower.

Uthgerd wears a set of steel plate armor and carries a steel greatsword, a belted tunic, a key to her house and common loot. As a follower, you can take her house key and will use any staves traded with her. She is a capable fighter, good with heavy armor and two handed weapons and is a potential recruit for The Blades. She will be loyal to Dovahkiin as a follower, but will refuse to steal for the player and will attack the player if she witnesses them murder an innocent. She is available as a personal steward if the Hearthfire DLC has been bought.

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