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Founded in 2007, Vae Victis is 100% dedicated in developing its Free to Play Racing franchise, known as Victory: The Age of Racing.

Vae Victis is an Italian company that is located in the town of Cesena. This just so happens to be the same area that Ferrari, Ducati, Maserati andLamborghini are based.

There only award so far is: E3 Awards 2010: Victory wins the best F2P Award

Why the name Vae Victis?

In 387 BC, an army of Gauls led by Brennus attacked Rome, capturing all of the city except for the Capitoline Hill, which was successfully held against them. Brennus besieged the hill, and finally the Romans asked to ransom their city. Brennus demanded 1,000 pounds (327 kg) of gold, and the Romans agreed to his terms.

Livy, in Ab Urbe Condita, records that the Gauls provided Steelyard balances and weights, and the Romans brought out their gold. But the Romans noticed that the weights were fixed, and the tribunes dared to complain to Brennus about the issue.

Brennus took his sword, threw it on to the weights, and exclaimed: “Vae victis!”, for the conquered have no rights, forcing the Romans to bring even more gold to fulfill their obligation.

(The following quote is taken directly from Vae Victis's website, which itself is quoted from wikipedia.)

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