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Vahlok in his burial chamber.

Vahlok's Tomb is an ancient Nordic tomb in Solstheim. It can only be accessed after the Lost Legacy quest, or else the entrance is barricaded with blocks and rubble. Like most ancient Nordic tombs, it is inhabited by Draugr. The tomb is split into five sections, a main chamber, north and south wings, a large platform pit and the burial chamber of Vahlok the Jailor. Compared to other ancient Nordic ruins, the interior has little Draugr and many puzzles.

In the quest "Lost Legacy", Tharstan, a historian in the Skaal Village will ask Dovahkiin to accompany him with the exploration of Vahlok's Tomb. After passing many puzzles, there will be a battle with Vahlok the Jailor himself, and upon defeating him Tharstan will pay the Dragonborn 1000 gold for escorting him through the tomb, and completing the quest. Once the quest has been completed, the player can ask Tharstan questions about the tomb and about how it relates to Vahlok and Miraak.

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