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Posted by Khann

Haha what a great game that I'll never play.

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Such a great video review.  No plans to get this game though.

You all see Fifty take that rpg blast and not even flinch? (4:Fifty mark)
Posted by norton123

Looks hilarious.

Posted by KnifeySpoony

Haha, wow. This game...ridiculous. Leave it at that.

Posted by coffeesash

Sadly it stopped in the middle for me and said 'Duder, it's over'

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Posted by Out_On_Bail

This is one of the funniest reviews yet.  Sounds like a rental, maybe I'll gamefly it.

Posted by Tarsier

haha awesome.

Posted by Alphazero

So when 50 drinks a 40 does that make him 90?

And if the 40 is hiding a .357, can the G-Unit call him 90.357?

I mean... uh... yo, 50, can I get you a Vitamin Water or something? 50?

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Great review

lol @ Jeff, hes confused


Posted by JJOR64

WHERE'S MY SKULL!!  The game looks goofy yet kinda fun.

Posted by Weltal

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck, Fuck - Fuck. Fuck! Fuck?"

I really hate that I want to buy this game. But it's so over the top that it looks like a blast to play and it's got one of the most compelling storylines of the year.

Posted by The_Patriarch

Awesome review. sounds like something worth buying when it ends up in a bargain bin :p

Posted by 8xBiT

YO 50-50-50-50-50, love the taunts and I REALLY want to play this game, just ridiculous over the top fun

Posted by ToxicFruit

lo great review :)

Posted by Will1Lucky

lol great voice work there.

Posted by SuperMuchBrown

Best Video Review EVER!

I played this game and it's definitely one of those so bad it's good games.  I recommend giving it a rent.
Posted by ElectricHaggis

Awesome review 50.  I'm not getting this game.

Posted by CashBailey

Genius editing there.

And I can see it now, the ads will read "The Greatest Game Ever Made" - Jeff Gerstmann

Posted by Drebin_893

One of the best review, and video review, I've ever seen

Posted by JoblessTerence

3/5? Fuck that, this is a 5/5!

Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497

Best video review GB has done so far. YO FIDDY!

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Lots of blood, lots of shooting, and lots of Fuck lol, i so want to play this game

great review jeff

Posted by TMThomsen

Awesome review, Jeff.

Doubt I'll ever play this game.

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Seriously one of the best video reviews.

Just from looking at it, it reminds me of an odd mix of Army of Two and The Club...Oh and Gears of War if ya have to go there.

Hell i'd play it just because its rap craziness is Jeff's cup of tea and not my own, i can still appreciate "Fiddy" and Yayo, saying fuck all the time as if it actually meant something.

Posted by Mats

Best review ever. PERIOD!

Posted by TwoLines

Yo 50- jump over that big-ass ramp!

Posted by eternaLightness

lmao that reminded me of the Scarface f#$% version video

Posted by Standing_Gopher

Yo, 50, meet Funky Student!

Posted by GiantGUS

oh man, I actually laughed out loud with this video review

Posted by MattBodega

Yo Fifty! Jump over that big ass ramp there!

Posted by joques

Review of the fucking year! :)

Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver

Im suprised Jeff never said anything to the effect of "this game is FIFTY percent good and FIFTY percent bad"

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Posted by GUnitVer1

Best Video Review ever!!

Posted by mussbus999

I would say this review bumps this game up to 5 stars

Posted by HatKing

lol...well now I don't need to play the game because everything I needed to see was here in the review...FUNNY!

Posted by SlimDogg95

Its so crazy and over the top. Yet i wanna play it ...Hey oh Fifty I wanna play

Posted by TinoXtreme

"Yo Fifty! Jump over that big ass ramp there!" Best line out of the greatest video review ever.

Posted by JunkanooPunch


" Hey 50 ity ! want me to wash yo car ? "

Posted by TekZero

Lol.  Fantastic.  I still have no interest in this game, but the review was awesome.

Posted by ZombiePie

G-Unit, word... I feel my dignity leaving

Posted by Milkman

"Yo Fifty, hit dat big ass ramp right there!" That almost made me buy the game right there.

Posted by babz

one for the road....................... 50

Posted by PsYuSoFly

lmao best review of all time, I'm about to go rent this game NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by RHCPfan24

"Yo fifty, need a vitamin water?"

Just for the dialogue in this game, it is a must play. I should rent this somewhere. That was a great review, Jeff, and it was hilarious. Great editing also, Vinny.

Posted by Dauragon

Yup. This is the gangster rap influenced game I've always wanted.

Posted by IVAN

If I could rate the review I would give it 6 stars out of five. It's so awesome comparing for example to the IGN review. Damn.