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AAAARRGGG its not up yet
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Hey what the fudge?!?
I demanded body shots of gin off brad, way to leave a loyal user's request woefully unfulfilled...

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where video?

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Oh god...  This should be good.

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Never bet against Madden... 

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been waiting for this

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thats funny :P
Hypnotizing sound that bottle makes...

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HAHA epic! 

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It's here!

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Oh god that was glorious

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Oh man, I've never seen Jeff so scared.

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Good times. 

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No, Jeff! Don't smell it!

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I loved Ryan playing guitar hero or rock band in the background then hobbling over and just taking a swig of the stuff

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he totally should have done the whole bottle

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I have never seen Jeff so full of hate and anger since........a discussion about Duke Nukem Forever......and that was on a podcast. And I still doubt Jeff would have won even if another month was added.  
PS. Coors? Yuk. You crazzzzzzzy Americans. 

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I'm more of a plastic squeeze bottle tequilla drinker myself, but gin is okay.

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Hahahaha oh man.  Poor, poor Jeff.

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This vid reminded me of highschool. lol drinking before exams ftw.

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LOL, Giant Bomb is awesome. 
You wont find stuff like this on many video game websites.
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lol ryan just picks it up and starts drinking

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oh man, that was brutal. I feel sorry for Jeff..

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WOW. He took a full hit of that!

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Ryan was most likely on Guitar Hero 5

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I loved the ending.

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I love how Ryan pops into frame just as Jeff is about to take the swig.

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The look on Jeff's face right before and right after he takes the shot are priceless.

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Awesome Jeffs reaction was classic  

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@Chewii101 said:
"PS. Coors? Yuk. You crazzzzzzzy Americans.  "
Normally I'd agree with you, but pure, clean water is good for washing your mouth out, and that's pretty much what Coors is.
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@Chewii101 said:
"  PS. What was the game I presume Ryan was playing? Some sort of rhythm game on the keyboard?   "
It was guitar hero man...he had a guitar :s lol
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Hahaha. We need another wager!

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"If I drink it and throw up, do I have to drink it again?" LOL

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lol jeff looked worse and worse by the second

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so unprofessional

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oh my god, this is why Giantbomb is amazing. 10/10 best video ever.
love you guys

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Poor Jeff, that's what happens when you bet the wrong bet.

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Make more contests!!!

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Coors is making everything better.

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Coors is making it all better.

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Lovely :-)

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Ryan is playing Beatles Rockband off scene!!!

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That's why you don't drink Gin straight. Mix it with some tonic water, and squeeze a couple limes into it.

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Made my day!

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I love how Ryan just grabs it and casually drinks, while Jeff is flipping out behind him.

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That Eazy-E shirt is awesome. Me want
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@Zifrit said:
" Coors is making it all better. "
Jinx. Nearly.