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Can't wait for the Beta!

Posted by Seraphim

Sweet, I came to this thinking it would just be a trailer.

Posted by CitizenKane

We need to have a Bombing Run for this when the beta releases next Monday.

Posted by NoXious

I like this feature, I do not like this game. Let's see how the reception is for this game.

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Hm, looks like quite a bit of new stuff

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Im not a HALO guy, but this Feature is awesome. Great concept, Ask me anything

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Wait, didnt Bungie say Reach will have better graphics than Halo 3?

Posted by Whiskeyjack

I'm intrigued

Posted by MightyMayorMike

I like these Ask Me Anything features. I hope they become more of a regular thing.

Posted by JJWeatherman

Awesome guys.

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Just what I needed, thank you giantbomb!

Posted by Fubar

Not for me. Nice feature, but the gameplay does not excite me at all :(
Posted by TripMasterMunky

This looks awesome. Glad they're giving Halo a good reboot.

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17:30.  Disgusting

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During Stockpile, the team's color for their respective stockpile is wrong.  I can see why Drew took the flags to the blue deposit zone.

Posted by samcotts

Looks great. 
I liked the first two Halo's a lot, but the third game didn't really click with me in the same way, no idea why. But this has got me a little bit hyped. Will probably end up picking this up.

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jizz! just pure jizz!

Posted by DizzyMedal

I stayed up til 11pm, waiting for new endurance run and I watched this as the 'one video before I definitely have to sleep, oh god I have to get up and go to work in 6 hours'??? 
Don't get me wrong, I loved Halo, but I hated Halo 2 which made me not yet play Halo 3 or ODST. 
Apparently though the promise of Brad, Drew AND Vinny on a video is enough to suck me in and now the ERs will have to wait til tomorrow evening. 
Did like the look of some of those weapons though. Maybe seeing this is a prequel the Halo 2 nightmare kneejerk reaction won't be so strong.
Posted by FMinus

I must say it looks way more appealing as all previous Halo games, but I don't like the pacing and floatiness, so I'll pass in regards to multiplayer, I'll check the singleplayer for sure tho. 

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Talk about motion Blur much, when he looks at the floor and moves at the same time. 

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Graphics actually look quite improved from ODST.

Posted by matics

 Everytime a guy dies, he drops a flaming skull (just like in real life).

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Who got Reach?!

Posted by Crono11

Call of Duty tore me and my friends away from Halo but this looks like the game to bring us back in.
Oh and good job Brad. Apparently he's a pretty good Halo player, that's me judging from the first match.

Posted by Wes899

Excited for the beta, but apprehensive about this loadout/class stuff.

Posted by Wes899
@3YearsToPlay: There's not. 
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Multiplayer for this Halo looks really interesting with the class types to scatter the field with different abilities plus something every game needs - jetpacks.

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Head Hunter is almost exactly like the Capture the Heads event from a UO free server I played years ago. 
Kill an enemy, cut off his head and run back to base to drop it in the team's chest.

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so it's halo then?

Posted by Shadders

Oh my GOD! This looks absolutely astounding. 
Game of the FOREVER!

Posted by SuperSambo

Was it just my crappy internet/laptop or was there a substantial amount of lag with loads of things happening on screen?

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i never played a Halo online but this looks pretty cool

Posted by PhanThomas
If you don't see the difference here, then please go see a doctor. ^^
Posted by MacEG

This keeps looking more and more like Tribes

Posted by Deathpooky
@MacEG said:
" This keeps looking more and more like Tribes "
Not a bad thing at all.
Posted by mattjam3000

Drew kept  giving flags to the other team!

Posted by Rrang

Awesome video, but man it was painful to watch you play Brad, no offense :) 
Cant wait for the beta!!!!

Posted by Xealot42

Awesome!  Can't wait for the beta.

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I played 2 weeks ago. It was awesome. Not going to say anymore about that. 

Posted by Crixaliz

Is the Firefight (horde) mode from ODST coming back?

Posted by Rox360

Oh gosh. I thought I wouldn't be excited for this game's multiplayer. What happened?? Curse you, Bungie!!