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New feature? 

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Nice typo in the vid description

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@Lokno: Nope.
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I played the original to death on my C64, so I am excited to try this out.

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Mad Bionic Commando: Rearmed vibes from this! Looks like it's a lot of fun though.

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The colons! They're multiplying!!

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How many licks does it take to get to the center of a totise pop?

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Rush'N? ha!

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What's a "Partiot"?

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what colour underwear am i wearing right now?

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Green Beret it was called on the MSX.
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quick looks in my quicklooks in my ask me anythings

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Both games look pretty rad. I'm really into the art style for Hard Corps, and it seems like a challenging yet fun game, which is good. Hopefully we'll hear some release date info soon.

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I love ask me anythings.

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Was a big fan of Contra and Rush 'N' Attack at the arcade. Here in the UK Contra was known as something else, but unfortunately I can't remember what. (Probably on the Contra page somewhere) EDIT: Gryzor
Anyway these two games are on my radar.  

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jesus, the whole community has gone grammar nazi, did you not understand what they meant?  you can't just watch the videos and read the articles and be happy, can you?  seems like every thread now has someone piping up to say 'nice typo asshole, you suck!' 
can we get over it yet?  who gives a shit

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Developers should me making more 2D games. They still looking fucking awesome.

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Did I just hear what I think I heard at 15:15? Christ, as if Hard Corps hadn't sold me enough already!!

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Will play!!

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This just makes me want another Sunset Riders even more ...

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Both games look like they could be a blast, look forward to checking them out when they are released. 

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They should release these in December, when there are zero big titles out.  The second game looks like a lot of goofy online fun.

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That not-Contra game looks amazing.

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Hard Corps looks quite awesome! Can't wait to play it with an arcade stick.

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Am I the only one having trouble with the flash player?

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Konami finally going back to the great back catalog for some great downloadable games.  Now where's that damn Jackal they showed a while back?

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That chick was way better than that dude.  And I want that game reeeeally bad.

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"Avoid Electocution" isn't even related to that game.  It's just good advice there.

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Is this being packaged together for release? Or is that just for the instance of this video?
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" Developers should be making more 2D games. They still looking fucking awesome. "
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I think I enjoyed it more with the editing, just cutting out what might have been dull or repetitive kept the pace up for this Quick Look. However, I do appreciate the Quick Looks that feature developers with their games being mostly uncut, if only for their banter.

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I hear that by entering a lengthy controller code in you may receive 30 lives.

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Hard Corps is my favorite Contra game, so I'm psyched for this.

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Dog killing, count me out! Also it looks bland.

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They both looked awesome, great stuff.

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Ugh, those knife attacks look so janky.

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" @Vager said:
" Developers should be making more 2D games. They still looking fucking awesome. "
^^ "
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All over the contra game

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I want both! So many good memories with Contra.

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If the 30 life code indeed works for Contra, count me in day one!

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Rush N' Attack looks boring, but that Contra game looks GREAT.

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It looks nice, but the enemies in Rush'N Attack seem to have no desire to actually fight you. 
Contra is looking good though!

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They both actually look pretty good, have to wait and see what they are priced at.

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Dag, y'all! Hard Corps looks really sweet! I've never been into Contra, but the additional swishing about stuff (reminds me of Mega Man X) is tickling some part of my brain that is making me want to play that, badly. Graphics look sweet, too. Very interesting mix of spritework and polygons.

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Both of these games look shit. =/