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Posted by Cold_Wolven

He didn't eagle dive into any haystacks at the end like I thought he would.

Posted by nh_213

Unbelievably keen for this game, I've never been one for pre-ordering but the animus edition's inclusion of that dictionary/encyclopedia thing is too good to pass up.

Any suggestions as to the best one? There are like five different pre-order 'editions' -I know the encyclopedia only comes with the animus edition already.

Posted by Quickdry

@Kikarote said:

Thats a long fall!

Hell yeah it is! And his old age ass just stuck the landing. Maybe this Assassin's creed game won't have fall damage :-/

Still excited for the game, but I actually yelled out at the ridiculousness.

Posted by Teran

@HerbieBug said:

Every Ubisoft foreign accent sounds the same. Arabic = Italian. o_0

You are aware that Ezio is Italian...... right?

You are aware that Altair had an "American accent" in the first game..... right?

@yogetoutdaway said:

Man, fuck these fake Italian accents. What's the point of them anyway, it's not like Renaissance Italians spoke English. Why not just speak normal English so the drama can come across instead of the uncanny valley voicework?

They want the game to feel exotic without forcing players to read subtitles. They choose an accent that fits the "feel" of the game. You're in ancient times in locales on the other side of the world, if everyone walked around speaking with a generic American, Jersey, or Cajun accent it would be difficult to suspend disbelief. So far it's worked for me and likely the vast majority of others who played AC2 and Brotherhood.

Posted by Hameyadea

But will Ubisoft finally move on from their Ezio-Altair-Desmond "memory" triangle?

Posted by Hameyadea

@UKSamwise: I know, but I still can't shake the feeling that Brotherhood and Revelations were one full game that Ubisoft divided.

Posted by Scodiac

Oh hell yeah! Lovin' this.

Posted by TheLastNeo

My God, I need this game NNNAOOOWW!!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Getting more excited for this game despite the fact that I wish it was AC3 instead

Posted by Spike94

Must. Get.

Posted by Eyz

Looking good!

And it's almost out, can't wait to dig in the Animus one more!~

Posted by Succugeek

So excited for reals. I haven't quite finished up Brotherhood yet, but I'm hoping to before this one comes out.

Posted by MeatSim

I got really bored with Brotherhood. I am gonna take a pass this time.

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