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Posted by PlasmaSTi

Awesomely-Named indeed!

Posted by Godlovesugly

2 mics makes giant bomb superior to all other sites.
Oh that and they're all genuinely awesome.

Posted by ANDYx0WNEDxU

i want his name

Posted by YoConraaa

Hell Yeah!

Posted by Skullomania

Realy goin' after Modern Warfare with this multiplayer push huh.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

That's a cool fish.

Posted by gingertastic_10

hes my hero haha

Posted by Th3dz

Karl-magnus är kung! (is the king!, that was swedish!)

Posted by Joseppie

Still really want to hear about the single-player...oh well.

Posted by Baggykins

Was a little meh on the first game, but this one sounds like a lot of fun!

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Looking forward to the game.

Posted by FallenFatKid

i love bad company

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Någonting att vara stolt över som svensk, jag är dock från Ukraina.. :P

Posted by MeatSim

How did he get such a awesome name.

Posted by HT101

I also want to hear more about the single player and if Truckosaurus Rex is present or not.  If it isn't, they need to reference it mercilessly.

Posted by captainawesomo

If you say his name three times in a row it will make your head explode!

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome name. Looks like an awesome game. That rhymed.

Posted by gustavog117

Only played the demo of the first, but this looks sweet, and I played BF2 and that game was awesome, so I'll look into this one.

Posted by smokeH

sweet, might buy this one since i never got around to buying the first one. Also must admit Giantbomb interviews are so much more enjoyable to watch.

Posted by CrazyFaisal

YESSSSSSS !!!!!!! parachutes

Posted by lamegame621

Looks like it's gonna be win. Definitely getting for PC.

Posted by Johanz

Go Sweden. :D

Posted by Th3dz
@ip007: Haha aldrig fel med svenskar på GiantBomb!
Posted by lacke

Forget about the Terminator drum score, whenever I hear that BF piece I get pumped up!!

My knowledge about military stuff isn't that good but he mentioned Blackhawks and Apaches. Does that mean that console gamers now get the chance to experience the glorious transport choppers. I'll get this day 1 then just to relive the BF:V moments. :)

Posted by Danda

Ryan's shark grin is awesome.

Posted by MichaelBach

Kit customization is great. Will be a day 1 buy for me. Still Plays the first one online.

Posted by Reverseface

Sounds like their upping their GAME. looking forward to it. MAGNUS MAGNESSOSN MAGNUS MAGGY MAG MAGGEON

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Out of all the Swedish people who talk English in these sort of events, he's one of the best to be honest.

Also, fan vad kul med så många svenskar här på Giant Bomb.

Posted by dagas

I need to pick up BC1 at some point...I've heard great thing about it, but  I must admit I'm a bit tired of FPS games. Halo 3 and CoD4 where the last games that felt fun to play. It's been shooters for the last 10 years now...I wish adventure games or something completely new will be the next big genre because I don't know how you can revolutionize the FPS/TPS genres anymore.

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Im still playing the first game, cant wait for the sequel

And also, Han har fan ett grymt namn XD, DICE ä dem bästa svenska utvecklarna, I just hope that they make a sequel to Mirrors Edge

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

i so want this

Posted by Azteck
Venatio said:
Im still playing the first game, cant wait for the sequelAnd also, Han har fan ett grymt namn XD, DICE ... [more]
Om jag minns rätt så ska det bli en trilogi. :D

For y'all non-swedes out there, I just said that it's said to be a trilogy.

EA must have a thing for trilogies. >__>
Posted by Media_Master

In SNOW!!!