Posted by StarFoxA

How many different remixes of the theme can they do?

Posted by Slaneesh

i was dissapointed with the multiplayer demo. Dind´t seem fun .

Posted by InFamous91

seem like its going to be a whole like of fun

Posted by giyanks22

I loved the Multiplayer Demo...It was awesome...

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Demo wasn't that great. I don't think this game will do as well in sales as Capcom hopes.

Cool music as always though.

Posted by Crixaliz

The character animations look pretty nice

Posted by Shinogomaru

Really enjoyed the demo of the multiplayer. I hope this game turns out great

Posted by ZmillA

lag is not kind to this game

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Posted by dvorak

Capcom seems to think this game is going to be some kind of new AAA series or something. From what I've played so far of the single and multiplayer, the swinging is frustrating and not what you expect. The shooting is not that great either, considering all the weapons feel like pop-guns. It's not going to get the sales, or reviews that they want. It's just not that fun.

Posted by TomA

I love the demo except it takes too long to get into a game.

Posted by Deusoma

It's really too bad that it's just a multiplayer demo, I know I'm sure as hell not looking forward to this game for multiplayer.

Posted by JackiJinx

"Be Bionic"


*slams bedroom door and listens to Linkin Park*

Posted by Metroid545
"i was dissapointed with the multiplayer demo. Dind´t seem fun ."

says the guy with the halo avatar lol
Posted by MeatSim

Bionic arms for everybody!

Posted by Seijur0

The demo was fun... the gunplay was mediocre but I loved the swinging-ness.

Posted by SpaceInsomniac

The demo is awesome.  If you didn't play it in a private match, go do so right now.  Instructions for that can be found on the forum.

Posted by SwaBxTHExDeck

This games multiplayer looks like it was tacked on and the guns dont look so hot.....

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Posted by Th3dz

why do they have that sucky map... graphics of this game are so dull when its dark...

Posted by Balaamsafe

The multiplayer setup is so generic.  There's no style to the UI, eveybody looks like a brightly coloured Halo ripoff, my game just ends without warning and the map was poor.  Looks like i'm just going to rent this for the single-player.

Posted by bennym6

this remids me of spiderman 2 spiderman 3 and spiderman web of shadows but its awesome

Posted by Azteck

The idea of multiplayer for this game is ridiculous. It obviously wasn't meant to be played like that. >_>

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Seems like they threw it on to move units. You know people won't buy a game if it doesn't have online play.

Posted by Media_Master

Clearly, camaflouge is not an option

Posted by leky1

ugh...io hte the halo 3 ODST commercials!