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@Sinkwater: I loved that track…

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I'm officially done with dubstep. I didn't realize it was a thing until now.

I can picture men in suits agreeing that this is what the kids are into, and now it's in everything.

This trailer was quite well done and their sense of humour is decent, but I still found it grating long before the end.

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god damnit... god damnit I'm gonna buy this... Whether I want to or not.

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i'm not 100% certain, but i believe you may have missed the point. maybe. not sure tho.

also, skrillstep is def for noobs. people should get with the program and listen to some real music like crunchstep. to be honest, it's all really at jivecrunk, but the american ear isn't sophisticated enough for it, that's why you guys listen to your crappy wubwub shit. i like to enjoy me some biggledyboop while sipping chianti.

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I went to a dubstep concert once. Claptrap was not there :(

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@Robo said:

@mrsmiley said:

The only "dubstep" part in this trailer was the last 30 seconds... and that wasn't even dubstep, it was brostep... aka "Skrillstep" as most American noobs know it.

Wow, dude. Really?

Nero is a world-renowned British dubstep group with roots in everything electronic from house to DnB. They are considered by many in the industry to be among the pioneers of dubstep.

Yes - much to the apparent chagrin of annoying dubstep purists - Doomsday is a dubstep track of theirs that just happens to feature an almost house-style 4-step beat and tempo for about the first half of the song.

However, it is far from anything you could consider "brostep."

It is fairly simple and clean (for an original dubstep track these days). Brostep is generally what annoying dubstep purists call vastly overdone, effect and sample-heavy, and sort of spastic-sounding dubstep. Indeed, like much of Skrillex's music.

Not just everything "mainstream." Not just everything with guitar samples or synth guitar hits. Not just everything that deviates from a standard dubstep beat/tempo for a portion of the song.

It'd be less annoying if all those purists throwing the term brostep around actually knew what it meant/where it came from. Unfortunately it seems most don't. Sort of like people that constantly refer to "trolling." Which you must be doing with such a ridiculous comment.

Nail'd it.

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Wub wub never wub wub go wub wub away wub wub.

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This looks horrible just like the first game...

Don't play game. Give opinion.

The game hasn't been released yet. No one has played it. Exactly how is one meant to obtain a more accurate opinion than by watching the trailer and drawing upon their experience with the first game?

Pretty sure he never played it. Sounds like another "I'm just going to say it sucks just for the hell of it" comment.

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@jennoa said:

OK dubstep. I love you, but it's time to stop

Thats not dupstep

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oh my god, i just realized that claptrap said unts unts wub wub wub...

i don't have the time to buy this game and play it... but i now have to...

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This trailer was at odds with itself, it's editing and style was superb - yet the actual content on display seemed like a 'bioshock 2' kind of sequel. A game that will be good, however won't change much up. This will please the fans that don't think evolution is anything more than tweaked features - " don't fix what ain't broke" and ultimately disappoint people who have a stronger stake in games being progressive things.

However all those "don't fix what aint broke" fans will hail borderlands 3 'infinite' (or equivalent) as the messiah when it finally "has to" evolve.

I will still play this game with a smile on my face, as I enjoyed borderlands 1. - However I probably won't get that unequaled spine chill that I get when I see something truly evolved or new come to life. And that's a shame. As I AM getting that very chill every time I see a bioshock infinite trailer. (And yes, i completely understand they are radically different games)

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holy fuck that was fucking fuckawesome.

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I've never played Borderlands but I really dig its art style.

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Never change, Gearbox.

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Ohhhh man I got shivers.

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I love this trailer, I can't wait for the game now

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Dubstep is the future, the future is Borderlands 2. Can't wait!

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I impulse bought the GOTY edition on steam for 7.50$ a year ago or so and never played it. I should get around to it.

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C'mon now -_- Armored Cored 5 had better use of Doomsday

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Now that's a video game trailer.

This and Far Cry are looking pretty sweet.

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I think I got fairly close to the end of the first game before I ended up quitting out of boredom, mostly because I used the same rifle for about half of the game and it wasn't even a particularly interesting rifle, it just did lots of damage. If they can manage to make all 87 bajillion of their guns interesting this time around, I might be down for this. I was also playing the last one more or less alone, which I hear is not the ideal way to play that game, but whatever.

Also, I'd forgotten how great Borderlands' art style is. I just love it to pieces.

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Why yes, I do believe I will joy puke my face off!

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As I said on twitter, Ryan must've had something to do with this trailer.

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Hella fucking balls to the wall awesome!!!

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man, this looks fucking good. give me now.

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@Riboflavin said:

This is mostly electro, not very dubstep other than the drop at the end.

Yeah, pretty much my feelings exactly.

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I can't wait for this!

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Wait so are there any new features? This is getting tired.

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The conclusion to the Half Life trilogy, finally. I can hardly wait.

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I feel like I've had my fill of Borderlands.

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Hey Ash Whatcha Shootin?

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870 bajillion guns, 10 re-skinned enemies.

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Two things:

1. 96.7% MORE WUB WUB needs to be a shirt. Exact font and color included

2. You had me at "Joy Puke", Burch.

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Ok, so I thought this looked great, but thought the dubstep was unnecessary. Then I saw claptrap breaking it down and everything about this trailer was perfect.

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All I ask is a better solution to the FOV fix in the PC version. Can't play it without feeling dizzy.

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Looks pretty sweet!

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@Sgykah: I've had plenty of friends feed me "good" dubstep (read: not Skrillex) and songs from its offshoot genres. Haven't enjoyed any of it, by any means.

And learn to properly capitalize and use whole words before condescending to me for being American. I don't have patience for narcissistic foreign assholes. Unless you were joking, in which case, there are clearer ways to communicate a jab at stereotypes in text form.

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I love the borderlands art design it is unique... btw gotta love claptrap dancing to dubstep, in my opinion they only acceptable to hear it.

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that's crazy that they went all the way to Bazil to get designs for those guns

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Hey guys, that's a fucking ROBOT doing the ROBOT. What else do you want from 'em?

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:

I wants it. I needs it.


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Hopefully the PC version and the ending do not totally suck this time.

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Is it weird that I really want Mordecai, Lilith, and Tannis to be major supporting characters?

Is it sad that I know that's 96.5% a chance of that not being the case?

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This is the best trailer I have ever seen for anything ever. I can't wait for this game, loved the first one.

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More Wub Wub and more Borderlands.

Also, a goddamned cyborg ninja.

Sign me up.

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ClapTrap doing the Robot... Also Wub Wub... SOLD! Ready to kill everything as Cyborg Super Ninja

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I am counting down the days 'til this day. The first one is easily in my top ten games of all time.