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well hello random video

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Did Brad not save at the end?

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Wow this went up quick

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New site launch! Great work Enenykite and fellow engineers.

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Yaaaaaaaay the site's working now! No Aliens QL, though. Too bad, people need to be warned of what a stinker it is.

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Non-subscriber comment

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New site is sweet. Just keep it iPad friendly!

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Don't cry Bradley! The site is finally working!

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This game really seems like something that should maybe be left to your memories.

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Wow Its been like 12 years since I have played this one and now I have to do it again.

That short intro looks great (fire and stuff).

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Seems like Brad will actually beat DMC at some point down the line at this rate.

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Awesome that this became a reoccurring segment, but I dont know why you guys are playing DMC. Its completely irrelevant at this point, and the main comparison that fans have is between DMC3 and DmC for reference. You guys should jump to that game instead.

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Was this not streamed? I didn't get no message that it was on.

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Was this not streamed? I didn't get no message that it was on.

the site didnt exist so it was streamed on twitch for everyone

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New Site is awesome!

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i love the new player. i love the sticky button. love love love!

too bad the site is fucked with traffic and such, and the video won't load :P


Nice! Glad you're going through with this Bradley. I for one still find DMC fun and playable. Like everybody else I hated 2 but actually I never liked 3 too much either...

For me, DMC scratched an itch that never needed to be scratched again. Or maybe it's that no one's really scratching that differently? Or maybe just beating DMC the one time was enough to age me to the point where I became too old to play any more of these games again.

EDIT: Is alignment totally busted or are we actually all just Nintendoers?

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That is a great tagline.

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Sticky video is the best new feature.

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Shout-out to everyone who helped Brad and Vinny out in the Twitch chat, fun times.

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Brad, Vinny, and some classic PS2 games. Sounds like a recipe for awesome right there.

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Vinny's looking like a Special Forces soldier with that beard.

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The website is alive. It's too bad I couldn't stay long in the chat. Time to watch what I missed.

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I love the title "Bradley May Cry", for some reason it makes me think of the "Crying Game" (no spoilers)

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I absolutely love this! Can't get enough of it, and can't wait for the next one.

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So handsome

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Seriously, stop spoiling completely unrelated games - even jokingly :'( Sometimes people want to be as clean as possible when going into a game, and not everybody has played every game from years ago...

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Glad this is up!

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A taste of greatness for the poor peasants. I need to subscribe.

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Not even joking, Sticky Video is my favorite thing about the new site.

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Can't wait to watch, enjoyed the first one a lot, almost bought the HD collection to play the games

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you heard it here folks the wii u makes an excellent paperweight. also brad's refusal to look up moves frustrates me.

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I've never played Devil May Cry 1, but 4 is like one of my favourite ever games, and right now I'm playing through Bayonetta...

OH MY GOD THESE GAMES ARE ALL THE SAME!! The enemies and weapons in DMC 1 are all still there in 4, and mostly in 3. Switching between electricity and fire, the exact thing the bosses say are all the same in Bayonetta, the punch-hands are in like every game... Even the guys from 4 with the shields who tunnel underground- those guys were invented in 2001? Jeez!

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It's still being processed, apparently.

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Did Brad not save at the end?

seemed like he didn't

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Oh lord my eyes. What have they done to this site. I feel like gdgt and joystiq had a kid and this is what I'm looking at. Visual mess.

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The thing about spoilers is that they set expectations, and some people get caught up on expectations and can't enjoy the thing they're trying to experience because they can't stop thinking they already know how something will pan out, or they get stuck subconsciously wondering how that one seemingly trivial nugget they learned fits into the big picture and miss a bunch of other details because of it. Yeah, some people get way too caught up on spoilers, but here's the tricky thing; When you're cautious about revealing something that truly is trivial, it can trick people into thinking it's significant and they'll feel spoiled because of it. And then when they find out it isn't, they feel cheated about having spent so much energy worrying about it. Nothing good can come of it!

Even something as simple as knowing how many weapons there is in a game can set someone off, because then they might spend all their time with the game feeling like they're measuring their progress through the story by how many weapons they have, and that can form unwanted expectations, and those can lead to disappointment. Basically... just.. be careful about it. Never preface a piece of information with "without spoiling anything" or similar because that just puts people on guard, and if you so much think it might be a spoiler, it's best not to even talk about it. Some things just plain aren't spoilers. If I was discussing Halo 4 with someone who didn't want it spoiled, I still wouldn't hesitate once to mention that it has a tank section. That's not a spoiler, it's just... it's a thing in the game. Darksiders has combat arenas. Not a spoiler.

But I really should stop ranting and watch this here video instead!

Edit: Thinking that only story related details are spoilers is very narrow-minded. In most games, I couldn't give a crap about what happens in the story, but I want to be pleasantly surprised by mechanics I didn't see coming. Mechanics that can take the shape of, say, new weapons or enemy types...

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I hope Brad saved

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I have to say, Brad has a really dumb definition of "spoiler."

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should I be able to watch this?

*None premium-member*

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New site launch!Great work Enenykite and fellow engineers.


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Why are some people concerned about Brad saving at the end? He totally did. DMC doesn't kick you out of the save menu once you save. It's kind of weird, but you get used to it. He chose to overwrite his previous save, and it popped up with the new level.

And great feature. With some serious Brad pulling.