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Posted by Yocke

There's a bug in the videos. If you play them full screen, when they end, you have to choose play again to be able to exit from the full screen mode. Please fix.

Posted by slowpantz

great game

Posted by Scarecrow_

Good review, Ryan. Keep up the good work...and if you make a mistake...you know.

Posted by AnTiPRO

Man now I'm going to have to get this :p

Posted by Mawryk

Am I an idiot or does the review cut off before it's over?  Or is that just you messing with my head?  So stupid, I feel.

Posted by SlimDogg

Nice job Ryan.  Great editing Vinny

Posted by UrbanGuerilla

!nayR weiver taerG

Posted by vgmkyle

I played it,don't like it.

Posted by ocdog45

looks tight. wish it was a PS3 game

Posted by SymbolliC

I really had no interest in Braid, until the review, and it looks interesting. I hear it's worth 1200 points, but 1200 is rare for me, so I don't know if I'll ever play it or not..

Nevertheless great review of the game.

Posted by Daniel

Awesome review Ryan! I'll have to check it out, even though it's not really my type of game.

Posted by kadosho

Definitely a surprising title, I really loved the colors, controls & visuals (even from the demo). Although its getting a mix of reviews, I'm not sure when I may buy it. But it is something I may look into at a later time.
And great review

Posted by Shtinky

Interesting... reminds me of a PSN style of game

Posted by IceCold

Great video review Ryan, especially love the editing =)

Posted by Koopa_kid12

That was random, lol!

Posted by AdMordem

laughy laugh laugh

Posted by Xymox

Great review. I feel I should really check this braid madness out.

Posted by Riicochet

These last few videos has truly shown vinny is a fucking awesome video editor and a true talent.

the e3 stuff had me thinking he was just an amateur let loose with a camera and windows movie maker.


Posted by daniel_beck_90

the most fun Video review I have ever seen

Posted by RinSatori

Good review, looks like i gotta buy it.

Posted by jlaudio7

lol vinny. nice editing.

Posted by Rowr

jesus, i am glad i decided to wait until after i finished the game to watch this review.


Posted by Yagami

reat review and awesome editing. :P Sometimes I wish I could do that, rewind time. I could live my life over and over for as many times I wanted in as many different was I possibly could. Dangm that would kick ass.

Posted by LiK

WOW, awesome video review. i give it a 9.5 ;)

i just finished the game and the last World is amazing~

Posted by RagingLion

Amen Geno - I'm just a PC person and would love to play this game having been keeping an eye on it for the past few months.  Steam would be a great platform to distribute this more widely - it deserves a larger audience.

Posted by Otacon

If this isn't coming to PSN its all the more reason to keep saving for that XBox


mmm video games.....

Posted by thewallker

pito de negto

Posted by thewallker

one piece

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

That rewind edit was awesome. i've played the demo of Braid. I plan to get it when I get my next points card

Posted by coonce

well said my man

Posted by hazzard4123

I can see some classic Vinny Editing

Posted by HibiscusExplosion

Is there a reason why this shouldn't come to PSN?

Posted by Alphazero

Guess it depends on how it was implemented on how hard it will be to port, but it's certainly possible for it to run on PSN.

Posted by tmlim

This review is BANG ON!  My thoughts exactly.  Very well done!

Posted by radguy88

hey ryan! - just thot id say cool review and if you have a chance id totally appreciate it if you read
my new article on the subject.

article 'braid revisited'.

saw you guys at PAX, and listen to your bombcast all the time. wish you guys the best...and spread the word on your rad wiki/editorial site all the time.

Posted by westend246

Your right on the money  Ryan.  I agree . Games  are supposed to be fun.
I enjoy them  for what they are.

Posted by giyanks22


Posted by HY8RiD

Go to youtube and check out Soulja boys review.  Pretty much the most unintelligent person ever.

Posted by Gibbs

played the demo, and found the story on my second play through rather interesting, most likely to buy braid

Posted by natural_deadhead

I shall take your recommendation and play braid. Thank you Ryan.

Posted by ChrisTaran

Braid is a really -really- bad game.

Posted by Grillbar

braid is cool and the last lvl is the worth playing the hole game. but a bit easy only had trouble with 1 puzzle piece

Posted by dirtyfootprints
@ChrisTaran said:
" Braid is a really -really- bad game. "
what?! what the hell is your problem? this was an amazing, amazing, game. just cause you got frustrated doesn't mean its not good.
Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

$5 on steam this weekend. Spread the word.
Posted by HomemMoinho

Great video review.

Posted by popmasterruler

On sale now for 3 dollars and change on PSN for Plus subscribers

Edited by KevinBacon

christ i went into this thinking he was reviewing brad

Posted by ch3burashka

christ i went into this thinking he was reviewing brad

Fans of Brad will like it. 4/5.

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