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God dammit.

This makes me simultaneously happy and miserable.

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This is so great!

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This is fantastic. Gonna miss Ryan so very much.

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Glad y'all got this on the site proper. Easily the happiest I ever saw Ryan.

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This is why I love Ryan Davis.

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Thanks for this.

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Miss you, Ryan!

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One of my favorite things about Ryan is his laugh. When he laughed at something I'd pretty much always laugh too. This video is a great example. It gives me a stupid grin to this day.

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This video is a medicine. Thanks

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Man, I remember seeing this video on youtube. Glad to see it on the site finally. Probably one of the happiest I've ever seen Ryan.

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Amazing to see him just fall apart with joy at what he was hearing.

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They should put more intern videos of ryan on the site !! i remember one of ryan ignoring kessler good times!

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Wow, thanks Ben!

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Here's the lyrics if you find it hard to hear:


found me the bomb

i'm talkin 'bout that giant bomb

yes i found me the bomb

i'm talkin bout that giant bomb

it explodes like dynamite

giant bomb dot com

came down with the fever

back in nineteen eighty one

said we caught us the fever

way back late in eighty one

aint never found no cure

till giant bomb came along

I'm a wizard yes i am

and you know what that means

I'm a wizard yes i am

i think you know what i mean

uh uh uh uh uh aint gonna say it

but its exactly what it seems

punchin out for a quick look

or the bombcast for a peek

punchin out for a quick look

or giant bomb cast for a peek

thursday night they really throw down

its the best night of the week

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Desk speakers. Ahahaha. Miss you Ryan.

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Oh man I remember this, it was hilarious!

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God, I miss you Ryan :(

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Ah man, so good. Thanks for posting this.

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Thanks Ryan.

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Wait, this wasn't on the site before? Was that just a thing on YT?

Anyway, great seeing these awesome moments again!

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Thank you.

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Awesome video. Gonna miss Ryan very much.

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I love how Ryan breaks down on the floor laughing. Never again, God damn it. RIP Ryan.

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This is one of the first videos I thought of. I can remember the mystique surrounding the footage that got leaked before this official version, and all the speculation washing around the GB community as to what it could all mean.

None of the theories lived up to the full scope of Ryan's unbridled rapture. Infectious mirth at its best.

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This was the first video I looked for after I learned about Ryan's passing. Glad you guys were able to get it on the site.

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This is hands down one of my favourite moments of Ryan on camera ever. I cannot describe the sheer amount of laughter that overcame me the first time I watched the video simply because he had collapsed into an all out laughing fit, followed by the envy of having never truly enjoyed anything NEARLY AS MUCH AS THIS MAN


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Filming this was amazing. I had never seen anyone literally ROFL before.

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I just watched that again yesterday. I still can't believe it. He was really such a charismatic and friendly guy. Even when he's gone he's still making everyone laugh.

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So glad to see this on the site. The image of Ryan jumping up and down when Dave gets there is something I used to watch when I was having bad days and needed something to cheer me up: joy in its purest form.

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That's awesome! I wish i knew this song existed sooner.

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This is the best.

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I remember seeing this on YouTube at the time. A great video which captures Ryan at his best.

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He's really gone, isn't he?

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Aw man, breaking down at my desk again. I've spent a lot of this week simultaneously laughing and crying.

Thanks for sharing this.

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I love this video so much. Ryan introduced me to Buckner and Garcia and my two daughters love their music now. Thanks for that Ryan.

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Had completely forgotten about this video and the time they played it for Jeff live during a happy hour segment were both pretty great.

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When they aired the whole song in Rock Band on the BLLSL, the in-game characters were modelled after the Bomb crew. I've asked Drake & Pope Ozone Entertainment if they still have the assets.

cc: @icytower38@spiketail

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This is glorious. Thank you. <3

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My reaction was similar to Ryan's when I first heard it. I've been a huge fan of Buckner and Garcia since I was a kid. So much so, that I might be the only person left around who kept their own copy of this:

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This one is the best. When Dave walks in and Ryan sees his face and slaps his knees laughing. Definitely the best Ryan moment to me.

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Just leave it on infinite loop!

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Just great!!! =)

Miss you Ryan

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RIP Ryan. That bombcast was actually cathartic.

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This hole experience, from getting these guys on the phone to this song, really speak to the personality Ryan had. He will be missed greatly.

Wish this was on iTunes

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@brackynews: The characters in RB are user-created, so with some work pretty much anyone could recreate them.

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One of the few times I remember Ryan totally losing it. Excellent memories.

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This is precious.

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It's such an exciting moment and brilliant song in all fairness. But man, no one did joyousness quite like Ryan Davis. This seems like the most up-his-alley he could have asked for in honor of the site sans exuberant fumbling.