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woot new vid. Cables

Edit: i can't believe i finally got it. great video guys.

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Fucking awesome. I love being a premium member so much more this year.

Fuckin' Vinny 'biceps' Carevella

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Damn, so close..awesome video

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More guitar riffs, please.

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You know, a couple of months ago I was thinking "I'm not sure I can afford to keep up this premium membership", and then Whiskey Media slaps me in the face and says "WHAT ARE YOU, A PUSSY?" and overloads me with more awesome content than I could ever watch.

So my bank manager thanks you.

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Aw man, wire crimpin. Brings me back to my IT days.

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Ha awesome music. I love these random behind the scenes premium videos. Keep em coming!

Edit: Behold Vinny's guns!

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Love the sax.

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Vinny modelling for a novelty toilet roll holder?

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Always be crimpin

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Crimping. Oh god why.

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I love the victory music. XD

Great video guys, I love the random stuff you do.

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Vinny overload lately, me like.

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Could have used more sax solos. Otherwise, good stuff. Suck on that 80's at home do it yourself VHS tapes.

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I ordered a bunch of cables from Monoprice after Vinny was talking about buying cables on the podcast. I have used monoprice before, but just realized how many other cables I need for my own personal shit.

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When life hands you lemons, you make your own effin cables!

Posted by Bernardo_Orel

Mmmmm, cables.

Posted by Nizzleworth

Never change, Drew.

Posted by ReyGitano

Vinny, you're a beast, and I fucking love you.

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Nicely done.

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@ReyGitano said:

Vinny, you're a beast, and I fucking love you.

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Going to the kitchen area with Vinny Caravella is a program I would watch.

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Ah, cables. It's always fun playing around with building wires and cables and such. You guys should do some audio cables next imo (like 1/4" or 1/8").

I went to this arts program freshman year of high school, and we made electrical plugs for the lighting department (I took a lighting class). It was pretty fun to just sit around talking while making plugs.

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The Vin man, the Vin meister, Vinnerino makinnnn cay-bullllls.  

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Once again, Vinny shows how manly he is.

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Cables are messy and I hope they die soon.

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This is excellent, Vinny can make anything amazing.

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Straight Crimpin'

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haha nice editing!

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Manly Things with Vinny Caravella.
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VINNY IS A CABLE WIZARD. Also totally rockin solos now

Posted by hobnobgb

Takes me back to my lab days, where pretty much the first job of any grad student was "go make up a shitload of BNC cables, we're bound to need them."

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Always be crimping

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Now I know how to make some cables!

I'd hope to see more video type knowledge from Vinny/Drew/Joey at some point!

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More Mr.Fix-it videos with Vinny, these are golden!

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Look at those manly arms

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Hahaha, transitions were awesome.

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Where can I subscribe to the constant live feed of vinny, cause I'd do that.

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this was awesome i hope there are more videos like it in the future

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Whiskey puttin' Monoprice out of business. Where can I buy these homemade cables?

Posted by blacklab

It's easier to mess those connections up than it looks. What a PITA.

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I like how Joey is actually getting in more videos. Love behind the scenes stuff. They're getting stuff done and we're getting content...how awesome of a combination? Keep it up!

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Coming soon to the Whisky Media store - GB certified cables.

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That's the sexiest cable video I've ever watched.

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@MrChaz said:

Straight Crimpin'

Crimpin' ain't easy.

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Making your own cables are the way to go. Easy to do, any length you want, and easy to test. I made hundreds of these cables in the Air Force. We used BNC for everything.

Posted by Dooftastic

Italian crimp masters!

Posted by Vexxan
Making Cables with Vinny Caravella sounds like a potential TV show I'd actually watch.