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Posted by SuperMooseman


Posted by darkjester74

Nice review as usual, good job Jeff.

Posted by Leviathan2000


Posted by lebkin

Great video review.  Keep them coming.

Edited by ahoodedfigure

A dog bomb?  Well...  if I'm laughing there must be something good about it.

Poor pooches :)

Funny that the zombie mode isn't more diverse.

When you shoot a flame-thrower user, do they blow up?

Posted by Media_Master

Cool review, sweet ending

Posted by UpMax

Great review Jeff

Posted by Snoopy

sweet freaking review!

Posted by gamerpigeon

kewl stuff , but when it comes to WW2 shooters if im actually going to play one of those again , its gonna be CoD 2 end of

Posted by a1gaius

Great review!!!!!!!

Posted by Kontrapunkt

Headquarters!!!! :(

Posted by sionweeks

Playing it right now. RACE TO THE 10TH PRESTIGE!!!

Posted by AimingWandersly

dog strike!

Posted by Scooper

GiantBomb caught a hot one to the neck!

Posted by Liquid306

I love the beats in background of all the GiantBomb's vids.  Are these, perhaps, beats from the latest Midnight Brown album? Jeff, don't hold out on me man, I need that new album!

Posted by jomacha

like the ending

Posted by UlTiMaTEIGuare117

Funny ending, good review great review Jeff. I also noticed now you're alot happier at giantbomb rather than at Gamespot.

Posted by nakke

The Zombie mode makes no sense. Valve trying out new ways to advertize L4D?

Posted by DJDarkViper

Excellent review.

Your points are strong and valid, im actually more interested now than ever of picking up this game.

Thanks GiantBomb. Thanks for killing my wallet further >_>

Posted by LethalKi11ler

loved the ending lool

Posted by imayellowfellow
on Nov. 14, 2008
The Zombie mode makes no sense. Valve trying out new ways to advertize L4D?


? treyarch created world at war not valve, i dont know how those two would connect with one another
Posted by Venatio

Well done video Review, the ending was cool

Posted by Darkstorn

Hahaha. This is why I come to Giant Bomb: the VIDEO REVIEWS!
Keep up the good work, guys. I'm still waiting for a Resistance 2 vid BTW.

Posted by zoozilla

I'll probably pick this up down the line - I mean, I have the other Call of Duty's, so why not?

Good video review.  Personally, I'm not too offended by the amount of WWII games, so that criticism doesn't apply to me as much.  I'm sure I'll get sick of 'em someday.

Edited by John

Calling WaW a mod is a bit unsulting. Mr. Jeff.... but I loved the ending. So it's all cool.


giant bomb is the only good site to go for review's now which is good because giant bomb kicks ass

Posted by YoungBuck


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I think I might pick this up when I finally need a FPS to play and can pull my-self away from gears.

Posted by Johanz

I'm with you Jeff! Snipers, can't live with them, can't live without 'em! And these video reviews are so much fun to watch, always a bit goofy and something odd at the end. :)

Posted by AspiringAndy

Nice Review, considering it for Christmas now that Im bored with CoD4

Posted by dagas

Having played the campaign I must say it's nowhere near as good as CoD4, don't know about MP since I don't care much about that.

Posted by banned8921

We want snide.

Posted by Smallville123

Thank you jeff i also hate effing snipers

Posted by Mgsfreak

Everything mentioned in that review made me change my mind, im so getting it now. Bigger maps so you can actually sniper!!!! Dogs that seek out the enemies, Vehicles, Co-op singleplayer!, This game looks way rad now.

Posted by dtran1212

back to WWII? no thank you

Posted by Charleslegrand

Lol, I'm only halfway through, but Jeff sounds so unexcited about the game (compared to other video reviews) kinda like "*sigh* let's just do this and get it over with"

Posted by suneku

That dude singing at the end was pretty sick

Posted by xplodedd

I am good with cod4.

Posted by Kohe321

Nice review!

Posted by Afroman269

Pass on the WWII mod. I'm done with WWII games.

Posted by Brackynews


Posted by TheToecutter

I like World War II more than modern war so.....

Posted by AURON570

omg ending was sweet.

Posted by zityz

I thought the little girl laugh while sniping was funny... and creepy.

Posted by studnoth1n

jeff don't act like that guy isn't on your friend's list now.

Posted by Otacon

Sounds pretty good, it's this or Resistance 2 for me.

Posted by StevieQ

Nice shirt, Mr Gerstmann.

Posted by Johnor

LOL at the ending.

Good review Jeff.

Posted by monster9999

Great review very witty

Posted by ep_driver

I enjoy your video reviews because of their length. A lot of sites these days are trying to make 2:30-3 minute video reviews, they just don't cut it. Keep up the good work.

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