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Posted by GunsAreDrawn

I liked this game at the time but I don't really want to play it again.

Posted by TastyCakesMcG33


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I just wish they'd instead give me a reason to buy an Onimusha game again... or Shadow of Rome! Oh man, I would love for a HD version of Shadow of Rome. I wonder how well that game sold. Not well enough I suppose...

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

I like how the first PC release of this was so bad that now there's a second release.

Posted by Brakken1987

I`ve bought this game three times already... GC, Wii and PS3. Do I have to buy it again Capcom?

Posted by LarryDavis

I would rather buy 4 a hundred times than buy 5 or 6 once.

Posted by Jimbles

Having played through the XBL version not long ago, I can say in my opinion that the game holds up pretty well! Kind of! The textures are still muddy as hell though. I assume they didn't re-do those for this one. Looks like a 60fps port of the previous HD-ification.

Posted by fargofallout

Before putting out more games on the PC, maybe Capcom should be fixing their PC games already there that rely on Games for Windows Live?

Posted by Bombzinski

They made the first edition bad on purpose so they could double-dip.

Follow the money

Posted by Mattyboysmith

I saw the "4" bit and got excited for Monster Hunter 4. Then I was disappointed. That is all.

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I'd rather be able to buy the GameCube remake of RE1 instead of this...again

Posted by Brozik

I think I'll probably wait for the Supreme Ultimate HD edition.

Posted by 014

Put it on the Vita.

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This game is still incredible as far as I'm concerned. I replayed it about 6 months ago on the 360. Initially, I figured I'd play about half an hour of it, get to the fantastic village opening battle en turn it off again, having satisfied my nostalgia, but I found myself getting sucked back in pretty much immediately and completing it. That game just works on all levels.

Posted by Klarion18

That disclaimer in the beginning. IN HD!

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I'm a little confused. What variety of D will I be getting?

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I will buy RE4 on every possible avenue, honestly. What an incredible game. I have no qualms paying again.

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@yummylee said:

I just wish they'd instead give me a reason to buy an Onimusha game again

3 actually had a decent PC-port. I'd kill to get that running on a modern OS.

Posted by Morningstar

I'll make do with the 3 versions I already have.

Posted by Linkster7

Well I'll happily buy it again, I mean, look at all those frames!

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Well. Huh. I'll probably buy this game again I guess. This will only be the third time.

anyway it says UHD so I assume this is in 4k.

Posted by D_train_lives

If they brought this to Vita I maybe intrested but yet another PC version no thank you.

Posted by JackSukeru

The only Resident Evil game I really spent any significant time on (and finished), hadn't really touched the series before nor touched it since.

Posted by Shtinky

I would love a Load our Last... Resident Evil 4 feature. Even though, I'm sure the staff have already played it numerous times.

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According to steam it's 15gigs. I don't see how this game can be this big unless they're still using pre-rendered cutscenes...

I hope I'm wrong, because fuck this version if I'm not.

Posted by cikame

Damn, thanks Capcom, i haven't purchased RE4 in awhile.

Posted by BasketSnake

Capcom rules baby.

Posted by Phoenix87

And I figure that its time that Capcom made another decent resident evil.

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I love Resident Evil 4, I'd still probably consider it one of my all time favorite games, but I've also been done with that game for a long time now and have no intention of playing it again any time soon, nor do I care about this. It just seems awkward. I got the game on GameCube, PS2 and the Wii. I had thought about getting it on either 360 or PS3, but never did, and that was initially due to someone saying it didn't support Dolby Digital, when I believe it actually does. Yes, that turned me off. Anyways, eh.

Posted by AbeTheGreatest

Might be my 4th time buying this. Will be worth it

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@shtinky: And if they did, make Jeff play it.

Posted by CaguamatorFK

I'll buy it (again) for a high price!

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Own this on the Wii and never played it to this day. Maybe I'll pick this up and finally check it out.

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They could have made it like that from the start. Nothing here a PC could not handle in 2006. At least they finally come out with a version on PC that is not total crap. Although people had modded that version and made it pretty good already with better textures and such.

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Played RE4 HD for 360 in the fall when it was on sale. So I think I am good right now.

Posted by MormonWarrior

I think I've bought this game more times than maybe any other game. GameCube, Wii, Xbox 360...and multiple copies of each. It's one of my favorite games of all time, but this is maybe a little overboard. GC version was the best still, apart from the lack of widescreen support. (Just like another game I bought the same day: Twilight Princess...man what a bummer that game was.)

Posted by Sackmanjones

I played the game a year ago on ps3 and you know what? It still holds up exceptionally well! However, more frames won't get me to buy this game again.... Well maybe when it's on sale

Posted by Shevar

I wonder if HD means "locked at 1280x720" on PC.

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Just bought it (again). I know Capcom gets a lot of shit for doing re-releases, but in this case it's totally worth it to have a good version of this classic game on PC.

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In three years we'll get Resident 4 Ultimate HD Turbo for the PC.

Posted by xtafxfoulfellow

Remember when the Resident Evil series wasn't a joke?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Posted by RobertOrri

"A complete visual overhaul has been performed to bring this revered title to the highest graphical quality ever."

Someone at Capcom wrote this with a straight face.

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I've played this game first on the GC, then Wii, then 360 and that last time was good at first, but then became quite the slog to get through it just for the achievements.

Great game, but I'm never going to play it again.

With that said, I hope this version spurs new players to pick this game up. It really is an all time classic that should be experienced.

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I am not against RE4 being available on any platform possible. Eventually RE4 may run out of "timelessness", but for now I would encourage all action game fans to play it.

Posted by ripelivejam

say ND to HD!!!

Posted by GaspoweR

Well I don't think it's that bad since the original PC port was pretty awful.

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@yummylee said:

I just wish they'd instead give me a reason to buy an Onimusha game again... or Shadow of Rome! Oh man, I would love for a HD version of Shadow of Rome. I wonder how well that game sold. Not well enough I suppose...

OH FUCK...Man I'd kill for an HD re-release of all the Onimusha games... ;_;