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sweet, though with all the other games i still need to play i dont know if i have time for this

Posted by AllanIceman

I should get this, but it takes too much time..

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The Incas and Spanish are both pretty great.  Being able to ignore movement penalties over hills as Incas is a huge boost to early-game scouting, especially on a Highlands map type, and their unique unit promotion carries over once upgraded, making Slingers really effective ranged units that can be used even in melee distance.  Meanwhile, Spain's unique unit, the Conquistador, is like a settler that can take care of itself, and the bonuses from finding natural wonders are pretty nice.  Neither is the best civ in the game, but they're both pretty good and definitely fit nicely into certain situations.
Only thing is... $7.50 for two civs and a campaign is a bit steep.  I don't mind paying for mini-expansions, but the Civ IV expansions had a lot more content for the money.

Posted by Elusionar

I dont like dlc, i feel like im paying for bread crumbs. 
I dont mind paying full price for a expansion with actual contant in it .

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Really need to get a new PC for this 

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Nooo.. if I get started in another 12 AI 24 citystate game that ends up crashing constantly no matter what I do no matter what computer tries it after 300+ turns then I'll throw the game out, uninstalled it earlier today after the third crash in 24 hours in a completely different huge round..

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She was hotter in the previous game.

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No thanks. You guys are charging WAAAAAY too much for these DLC.

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It would be nice if they could just put the unit animations in multiplayer.

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Man, you could really tell he was reading that off a sheet of paper.

Posted by Slaneesh

Lackluster? I dont really want new civs as i want a real expansion with new gameplay...

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All right! I want to invade Spain, take all their gold, and make them either worship my gods or die. Maybe I'll share some of my special cacti with them.... 
Oh, and Queen Isabella, you make me so horny,.. I love you a long time! 
Otherwise, I am interested in Civ 5...I think. Ryan liked it. But to tell the truth, I was not inspired by that awkward reading and flat presentation. You'd think they would at least edit the dead air when he finished speaking each time.
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All I want to know is, can we expect to see the Spanish Inquisition? Please tell me that.

Posted by Asrahn

I just want my goddamn Vikings that were portrayed in the first goddamn trailer for the game.

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The only thing more boring than watching Civ5 being played is watching somebody watching Civ5 being played.

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Anyone else think that those Incas look a bit overpowered?

Posted by MeatSim

The Incas have it made.

Posted by Kerned

I just downloaded Civ 5 for Mac, and the AI feels totally broken. I don't know if anything has been patched yet or not, but it's really frustrating trying to pursue diplomacy, as the AI leaders are never willing to negotiate, even when being completely battered by my armies. Bizarre.