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When is this released?
It looks really fun cant wait

Edit - Apparently i wont have to hehehe

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I've already got it downloading on my xbox.  Wouldn't hurt to get a quick look from the guys though.

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What did you do, Ray?  WHAT DID YOU DO?

Oops, sorry... wrong game featuring undead.
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I was just about to make a post letting yall know it's on the PSN.  Can't wait to play on them

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I'm getting to old for this shit.

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ARGHH .. why did I trade in my copy!

oh yeah.. cause I got $50 tiv for KZ

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That looks pretty awesome..

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I love that they keep supporting zombie mode, its so much fun, partially because it gets so hard so fast. Shi No Numa seems to let you actually be outside now which should rock. The other two are great but they can be clostrophopic being indoors all the time (well almost all the time).

getting it from the psn as soon as I get home! anyone wanna play zombies hit me up. psn id: blackbeard_
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Finally, They have some extra acheivements for it.  It seems the natural way to lengthen interest in the game, especially the zombie aspect.

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Wow, it actually looks like a well done map pack worth the money. I may get it.

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Apparently ever game needs zombies now a days.

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Ive played the 2nd Map Pack. Hell HOunds are awesome to fight against, and the map is fairly good. Voice acting for the characters is good fun. Only problem I have is the door to the Comm Room. Its pretty much an undesirable open; they come in masses of hoards outta nowhere to rape your sorry ass.

Other than that, pretty good. The 3 new Maps are seriously good-at least for S&D.

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Cool, got to play this!

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i sure hope they make map pack 1 free when this comes out.

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kinda sick of zombies

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I got this yesterday and it is definintly better than the last one.