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I've been wait for this!

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aw heck yes

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Missed this live, glad to see it up so soon!

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And much !FUN! was had by all!

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Just got home from work and this is up, very happy :D

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"I think everybody's kinda heard of Dwarf Fortress"

Yeah...never heard of this game, Dave.

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Wonderful! I hope this lets me see through the machine code to the actual gameplay. I've always wanted to understand this game.

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Always enjoy reading about it, but never had much luck playing it outside of adventure mode myself.

Looking forward to seeing how you guys fair with it.

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Dave Fortress is best fortress.

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Heavy on the explanation, and maybe emphasizing some stuff that's not that important (such as personality traits), but overall a good job showing off Dwarf Fortress to people who have never touched it. Can't wait to see him start building death traps.

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Thank you for the quick upload! Been so excited for this! Dave, Vinny, and Drew yay!!!

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Awesome! This should be good.

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It's nice to have videos without Jeff, Brad, Ryan, or Patrick to change things up a bit.

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Loved this one.

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Catsplosion is nigh!!!!

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Flight Club has expanded into Impenetrable PC Games Club.

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Awwww yeah. I see Dave, Drew, and Vinny which means it will be amazing.

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I LOVE DF! Let's see if Dave has the skills to strike the earth :). Just remember: losing is fun.

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I don't think there is a more apt definition of a hardcore game. Those guys at E3 talking about hardcore games don't know about some Dwarf Fortress.

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Glorious Pc Gaming Master Race!

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I approve of this.

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Been looking forward to this video series. I've always been put off of trying the game because of all the ascii art but, I guess certain tile-sets make it easier on the eyes.

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Can't wait to watch this. Additional thanks to Patrick for pointing me to the NY Times article about the brothers who make this game.

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As fascinating as Dwarf Fortress is, it's really hard not to feel incredibly exhausted after watching a long session of it. Information overload tenfold, though it will assuredly make more sense as we get out of the intro stages (or perhaps just the opposite).

I've been getting into Crusader Kings II since the last steam sale (one of the best purchases I've made this year, thanks Dave and crew for showing it to us!). After failing numerous times I've finally got the hang of the complexities of it all, but no way in heck does even that game hold a candle to the pure impenetrable mechanics of Dwarf Fortress it seems.

I'm dreading it, but at the same time I'm looking forward to more of this. It's titles like these that remind me of why videogames are so damn awesome. Keep em coming!

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Why did I miss this live!? The schedule said 12AM on the 30th, that should be in 1.5 hours.

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I never thought an ASCII based game would leave me in awe, but man. So intense.

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so...this is a flight sim?

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This is the greatest thing in the world.

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It's great how Drew is completely absorbed by everything that's happening, but Vinny doesn't even try to understand it. Also how anxious Dave gets when the chat suggests he does something that hasn't been covered in the book.

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I renewed my subscription because of this video. This is gonna be great.

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I caught this live by accident just as I was going to go to bed and it kept me glued to the screen for two more hours, so there you go :)

Looking forward to the continued adventures of the Ferocious Oils.

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@essi2: That's when it switches from 29:th to the 30:th, midnight.

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Towns, albeit not nearly as in depth, is a neat take on this type of game as well. I really enjoy all of these types of games and loved every minute of this video. Can't wait for part two of Knifetops!

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Great feature, i love dwarf fortress

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Early in the video (First 30-40 minutes) Vinny keeps asking questions, and he is continually ignored.

Sad Vinny. :(

I thouroughly enjoyed it, can't wait for part 2

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I believe Bushwick Bill has something to say about rapping dwarfs.

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This game looks fascinating... can't wait to see more.

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Loved this, might actually try to play this again now that there are decent tile sets, I could play nethack without them, but this feels way too complicated. Oh and thanks for the tip about Gnomoria, it seems pretty awesome.

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Thank you for this Dave. Seriously, Ive always wanted to try this game

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Wow, it's Dave and Vinny! I can't believe it, this is fantastic!

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This is why I spend 50 bucks a year. Fuckin A DVD is awesome.

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"aquafire: some kind of oxymoron spell" giant bomb is the best.

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I fell asleep and had a fantastic nap while watching this Live, but I'm sure it will be great to watch again while I'm conscious! For now, it remains as just a part of my dreams. Dwarves and aquafires for as far as the eye can see. :)

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Excellent show I thought! Of course the pace of your "explain a lot of the detail and then make a couple of moves" is very slow but it's a pretty outstanding playthrough for this insane little game and your still comparatively novice perspective on it. Well done and I'm excited for the next episode.

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@af262: It's a flight sim... A flight sim into MADNESS.

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"I see your stockpile, Dave..."

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My favorite thing that ever happened to me playing this game was during my first ever goblin invasion.I send my miltary to take on 5 goblins only 2 dwarfs decide to go fight. One of them is female and I don't even know she is pregnant, she has the baby on the way. So after the other dwarf gets killed in the fight she goes on a rampage and kills 5 goblins all while holding the baby. So great there was pieces of goblins like 20 tiles away from the fight.