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Posted by Zero_

Yo, that music was pretty good.

Posted by beepmachine

@beepmachine said:

Man Capcom games have the WORST trailers. I thought the Castlevania one was bad enough, but this just sets the bar even lower.

Capcom doesn't make Castlevania...

Shit you're right! Just change that to Japan then I guess.

Posted by GermanBomber

Weird trailer (Capcom!) but I'm still very excited for this game...and one guy was speaking German...that makes me SUPER excited!

Posted by Valle

Uh.. The future stuff is really turning me off, always felt the same with assassins creed also. Immersive? Not so much with that douchebag in levis running around breaking my "renaissance experience" way too often.

Posted by JasonLeeson

Can't wait for the PC version.

Edited by MrNukNuk

music reminds me of hack.sign...is that bee_train?

Posted by thebigJ_A

Is this the asian version of DarkSouls?

Um. Dark Souls *is* the "Asian" version of Dark Souls. It's from a Japanese dev. :/

Posted by captain_clayman

What a shit trailer. I know nothing about the game still. And it's basic video editing skills that when you're doing a lot of crossfades or dissolves quickly, the actual fading should be waaaay quicker than it was. When one image would fade in, it was already fading into another before you could even tell what the fuck you were looking at.

Posted by Tordah

Love the look of this but the music choice and cheesy voice-overs makes me think that this will be some big dumb anime thing, and not a game I would be interested in playing.

Posted by Arx724

The camera is too deep d-

Being a big fan of the Souls games and Dragon's Dogma, this game looks interesting. But christ, this trailer is absolutely horrendous.

Edited by LevelIchi

That rat is having Mitochondrial issues

Looked a lot like some of the scenes from Parasite Eve

Posted by kawiji

Nothing about this trailer makes me in any form interested. It just makes it all the more confusing. And I just... Don't care now.

Posted by Agent_Eli

@tearunner: Dark Souls is the Asian version of Dark Souls.

Posted by Agent_Eli

If this is Dark Souls, but with a heavier focus on multiplayer, I will probably get a ps4. Maybe not right away, but probably down the line.

Posted by kerse

Not as bad as a trailer as I expected from the comments, this seems like a pretty standard japanese game trailer to me. Game looks interesting, not sure how I feel about the futuristic thing, might ruin the atmosphere but I haven't played it, they could pull it off.

Posted by bombedyermom

Assassin's Souls

Posted by DeadMonkeys

The music ruins the trailer.

Japan, please. Not everything needs upbeat symphonic electronica.

Edited by InfamousBIG

Someone please tell me, what the fuck IS THIS GAME

Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam

Aww, I liked the British VA from the teaser.