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I'm excited about this.

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Pizza Games?

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I'm into this DrewxDan combo

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Sweet, didn't expect this.

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Been looking forward to this. I hope you have the demo disk with all the Net Yaroze games on. That was awesome

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Since I can't seem to sleep I guess it's cool this is releasing so early.

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I'm going to like this feature. A lot. DEMOS FOR LIFE. I played way too many as a child. I remember playing Um Jammy Lammer demo disc an unhealthy amount.

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I bet Dan would go for a hotdog stuffed crust.

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I love pizza. You might even call me a pizza enthusiast.

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Oh yeah

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This is amazing

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Crash 3 and MediEvil are some of my favourite games of my childhood

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Who knew that when @danryckert came on board not only would be get a cool, enthusiastic new GBomber, but we'd also unlock the full potential of @drewbert. Loving this pairing.

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This is a great idea for a feature; I used to love those demo disks back in my childhood, plenty of time wasted on tiny demos.

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I played these pizza hut demo discs all the time when I was a kid.


@mr_fahrenheit10: Uhhhhhh, excuse me. That's MY icon you're using! :p

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Panzer Dragoon Saga demo disc was always the best. "Here, have the first, complete disc of 4." What a way to do it.

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Pizza Party!

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This. is. incredible.

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Early video, yay!

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This looks delicious!

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Owh yeah!

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Lotta Pizza Hut advertising on this website lately

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Awesome idea

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Ugh I miss these days so much. So, so much.

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Am I the only person in the world that never had a problem with "tank controls"?

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oh man , Love it

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wow Dan hated Tomb Raider too :P

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I remember playing some really neat games from demo disks. However, the Bubsy 3D demo disk might as well been the entire game given how much most people actually played the game.

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I'm not sure if this is real or not. I'm gonna go ahead and click on the play button and hope it doesn't steal my soul and send my conscious being to a dark void of unknowingness.

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it is time to demo all of the games

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Those early Tomb Raider games were rough, but the 360 era games by Crystal Dynamics were alright.

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Ahhh yes, I heard this was happening, hope the PS1 launch demo is on at some point!

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D&D Demo Derby!

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Well this is a nice surprise!

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Was hoping this would be Drake trying different pizzas

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This is a feature I am very excited about! Well done Dan and crew.

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demo discs where great!

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Pizza Hut is alright.

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Was hoping this was Drake trying san fran pizzas

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I posted a comment. I thought it was a pretty good comment too, but it seems like it didn't post. Due to what the first content entailed, I am now contemplating whether or not I have imagined my entire life before this and I'm really in nam' right now having a drug fueled fever dream while I bleed out from a gunshot wound.

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Pizza Hut

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Face cams would be great, seeing the reactions to some of these demos would be fantastic.

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Aw man, I got an MGS demo from Pizza Hut that was the bomb.