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Riding out a hurricane with some Giant Bomb action! And man this brings back memories!

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Pizza Hut! Must be related to the new tmnt movie, which I thought was actually pretty good.

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Didn't everyone do the boob trick? Right... just me and Dan then?

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I have no idea what this is, but im excited to find out.

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This is a fantastic feature. Bravo Dan keep the fresh ideas coming!

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Pizza all over my body.

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pizzaaaaaaa in the morning

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Man, I played a lot of the Metal Gear Solid and Medievil demos from those disks

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The Yosemite sam celebration button is the best suggestion Dan has ever had.

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Dan show me your demo disk baby.

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I've got a strong, and strange urge to consume pizza right now. And to play truncated versions of video games.

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What's this?

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Teach me Metal Gear, Dan?

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I love Dan's enthusiasm for pizza.

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very cool

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Dan, you're the man Giant Bomb needs.

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I am all for sharing pizza hut and demos with drew and dan.

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Pizza Hut was responsible for me getting Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Crash Team Racing.

"STEVE! You're only 15. You've never left Wisconsin."

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The MGS actor names were fake because because this was a non-union production, so the union actors used pseudonyms to hide their involvement. Very common in anime dubs of the era, and that pretty much where most of the cast came from.

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I would totally love a Metal Gear Solid marathon with Dan. Would make some awesome content for the site :D

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This was great, I have so many playstation underground demo discs I should go back and revisit.

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Ah yiss

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I want Pizza

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I don't know what this is but I'm afraid.

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There should be a premium feature where Drew plays Metal Gear Solid series.

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In early demo versions of the game and in the back of some versions of the user manual under Cast and Credits in the European version, the voice of Snake is credited to Sean Barker, which was the name of the character Hayter played in Guyver: Dark Hero.

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I love this feature

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Sean Barker, mayor of Barkerville!

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I can't believe this exists, Thanks Dan/Drew!

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These Dan/Drew videos are great! Love to see more premium stuff with the two of them (also can't wait to see Dan's first Extra Life marathon with the bombcrew).

What a selection of games on that disc! Those demos would entertain young me for months! Which is sad when I think that right now I have 20+ games i want to play on steam, and have absolutely no time for all of them :(

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I would pay any amount of money to watch Drew play through the MGS series for the first time. If he thought the shit Dan was explaining sounded crazy, he's in for one fucking insane ride.

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This is a great feature!

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Hell Yeah!

Team Drew & Dan are quickly becoming one of my favorites.


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This is great series

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Don't feed your pizza after midnight.

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Looking forward to this!!

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God damn, this is an amazing idea !

After seeing/hearing the love that Dan has for the Metal Gear series and the fact that Drew knows nothing of it, makes me hope they do some kinda longer look at the series. ER maybe ? ;)

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mmmmm pizza

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It looks like this had a subset of the demos from the demo disc that came with my PS1

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So funny! Loved the video!

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why won't it playyyyyyyy!!

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There needs to be a Dan and Drew Metal Gear Solid endurance run. With Dan giving out less spoilers.