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that guy with the cigarette looks too much like Spike Spiegel

Posted by Theresonlyone

The main question is WHY IS THIS NOT PERSONA 5? lol

Posted by AllanIceman

Yay Atlus for not suing!

Posted by CowMuffins

We're STILL at E3?

Posted by pwr905

Yeah; he looks like Spike alright.

Posted by Scooper

Can't wait to 'live out the fantasy of being a doctor in a team'. The only fantasy I have of being a doctor I doubt would be allowed in a game.

Posted by 2Thumbs

The guy second in from the left on the back drop...

It's Dojima's younger brother!

Posted by alsnuts2

It may just be me, but it seems like Jeff is kinda kissing his ass (or at least a little over friendly) a little bit cause he is on edge about the ER.

Posted by Rhaknar

Why is Spike in trauma team? Get back on your spaceship damn it!

Posted by Endogene

It's rather odd to see the interview after it has been discussed on the podcast.

Posted by PeasForFees
@2Thumbs said:
" The guy second in from the left on the back drop...It's Dojima's younger brother! "
In before the rest, that is the result of Dojima and Adachi (Young Dectective) reproducing...

Do you not agree?

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google Spike Spiegel 
Posted by Vorbis

Might be time to get in on this stuff.

Posted by AgentJ

Good info. Thanks Giant Bomb!
The game looks like a step up from the last few

Posted by coffeesash

Every single character in that team looks like a character from a big anime franchise, the cat lady from Bleach, Sasuke's older brother from Naruto, Spike from Cowboy Bebop etc xD

That guy was speaking with such intensity and straining his voice that I'm not suprised these people lose their voices by the end of the three days O_O

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Man, Giant Bomb needs to come home from E3 already, lol.

It's cool they shot all these interviews though. They're all real informative.

Posted by McPaper
@RelentlessKnight: Oh god it does look like spike
Posted by fobo98

I've never tried a Trauma Center game before.  Maybe I'll jump into this one.  The multiple fields sounds interesting.

Posted by samcotts

On the topic of hospital games, I'm still dreaming about Scrubs: The Game. Sounds terrible and I don't really know how it would work, but I'm sure someone out there would be able to make it quality.

Posted by JackSukeru

I've always wanted to try one of these games, Maybe I'll pick it up.

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Trauma Center is awesome, can't wait for this. Hopefully they can manage to make the other medical fields as fun and engaging as surgery.

" The main question is WHY IS THIS NOT PERSONA 5? lol "
Because Persona isn't their only franchise? Hell, even when they do work on their next MegaTen game it probably won't be Persona 5. Shin Megami Tensei needs a sequel first. I mean it is their flagship series and all...
Posted by skilzlost

atlus rules..

Posted by DrRandle

I cannot wait. The past few Trauma games have been fantastic.

Posted by MeatSim

So theirs this giant enemy crab inside me.......

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Will there be boneing?

Posted by TwoLines
@McPaper said:
" @RelentlessKnight: Oh god it does look like spike "
Yeah- that's what I thought too.
Posted by Kohe321

Sounds cool

Posted by Gamer_152

So it's an Elite Beat Agents surgery game?

Posted by Reverseface

That nurse TOTALLY needs thoses PILOT GOGGLES!

Posted by ashogo

He's certainly enthusiastic-it's kind of infectious.

Well I'm liking what he said about the storyline being more grounded in reality-I love the gameplay of trauma center but the plots always felt too ridiculous to me.

Posted by Media_Master

Stronger foot in reality is great !

Posted by MyPSNisDylanMMc

soooooo japanese