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Edited by Piglet

edit:  My god...I didn't even notice there were no comments.  WOOT

Posted by TheLawnWrangler

DAMMIT... sorry, that's not what this is about. 
 Yeah, it looks awesome

Posted by FatGuy4Life


Posted by Vyse

Is the video broken for anyone else?

Posted by VoshiNova

The first Dead Space never stuck with me, hopefully this one will!

Posted by Jayross
@Vyse: yup, I am just going to give it a few minutes.
Posted by Piglet
@Vyse said:
" Is the video broken for anyone else? "
Indeed it is...so are a few of the (many) others that are just going up.  I'm sure they'll be up and working soon.
Posted by hamchan

Aw I want to see this

Posted by Earthborn

Mythbusters busted this clip.
Posted by NeoKef

I'm actually interested to go back and play the first game.

Posted by The_Interrupter

Hopes are high for this game.

Edited by Bionicicide

January 25th! Too bad he still has magic pockets, guess I'll just be using the default weapon until my other playthroughs.

Posted by OrigamiDriller

I wasn't too into the first game, but this demo has me pretty pumped.

Posted by TheGTAvaccine

Ahhh, video isnt working.

Posted by MiniPato

Who''s shooting at Isaac?  
What's with the giant sewer monster?
Will Isaac make it out alive?
Find out next time at Sony's press conference.

Posted by Radar

around and around it spins

Posted by Hannibal

Needs more Joe Montana

Posted by optimusprime223

cannot wait for this game!
Posted by ijames428

this is the video i want to watch the most, this sucks.

Posted by pingz

I could totally use more deadspace.
Posted by indian_boy

Can't wait for this to release

Posted by Bionicicide

Why did Jeff not like this? He said Bulletstorm and NfS:HP were EA's conference hits. :(

Posted by AAsama

Wasnt that into Dead Space, but this one looks even better. Will have to keep my eye on this.

Posted by WerePaladin

Broken video for me too...  :( 
But wait, is this game part of a new genre?  "Sruvival Horror"?
Posted by Hamst3r
@WerePaladin said:
" Broken video for me too...  :(  But wait, is this game part of a new genre?  "Sruvival Horror"? "
I'm waiting for Suvarival Horror in which you must survive Mena Suvari.
Posted by Niklas

Really looking forward to Dead Space 2. Hope the video works soon

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

I'm actually stoked for this, that was some hectic stuff!
Now to overcome my horror game fear ><

Posted by fjor

cant wait

Posted by Fjordson
@Bionicicide said:
" Why did Jeff not like this? He said Bulletstorm and NfS:HP were EA's conference hits. :( "
Yeah, I was surprised at that. Bulletstorm was cool but I thought this was kick ass. Hot Pursuit was mediocre for me.
Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie

Yep. That sure does look like a day 1 buy to me.

Posted by XenoNick

Awsome!!!! Can't wait for this

Posted by Bogitt

woohoo it works

Posted by iMiles

So more of the same... I'm down for that. The first game's brilliant;y overpowered plasma cutter better not be neutered...


This would be cool if this was on kinect

Posted by Fleppie

Looks like more Dead Space, which is FINE by me! Gotta try and S-rank the old one before this new one comes out.

Edited by FunExplosions

"Here, you're about to see one of Isaac's nightmare's."
Oh? Well, thanks man. I'll be sure to look surprised now...
Seriously, why do they treat everyone in the audience like a bunch of idiots. If people really care about the product, then they'll use a fraction of their brainpower and figure this stuff out on their own.

Posted by FATH3AD

anyone know when this demo will be released publicly?

Posted by OrgunUK

Hell yeah, loved Dead Space 1

Posted by SolidSnakeEater

Can't wait to play this one

Posted by Sharpshooter

Holy shit those things are getting even uglier. But that will make it all the more satisfing to cut them the fuck up.
Posted by CharkeeFarlee

Whoever was playing this,

Posted by ZmillA
@CharkeeFarlee said:
" Whoever was playing this, SUCKS at DS "
yeah I think he was too concerned with trying to make it look cool
Posted by LazyPiranha

Wonder if they'll spell out a spoiler with the chapter names again.  

Posted by belaraphon

excited for this one!

Posted by phoenix_6153

O man....that looks freakin awesome!!!  i loved the first dead space, this one looks even better

Posted by holabendez

Oh hell yeah

Posted by TheChaos

Good lord that aiming looks difficult on a console.

Posted by ZipCrash

Looks like pretty much more of the same but that's fine with me!

Posted by neoepoch
@TheChaos said:
" Good lord that aiming looks difficult on a console. "
It's not. The shooting in the first one was great, and this will be fine too.
Posted by Brodehouse
@iMiles: Hell yeah.  I'm watching this trailer with all these guns and it's meaningless, because I'm going to play that entire thing with the plasma cutter.
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