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EDIT: Huzzah! Okay, now that I've acted like an obnoxious tit, I'll watch the video. After loving the first game so much, I'm fearful for this (possibly unneeded) sequel.
Okay, that was pretty intense and interesting. I'm still not totally there yet, but that was a good step in the right direction.

Posted by 4thHorseman

Looking good! Let's take out some limbs!
Posted by SomethingClever

So much content!

Posted by fjor

cant wait for this!!!

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Yes! I haven't watched the video yet... but still, awesome. 
Edit: Ok. AMAZING... :O
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God yes. I have a feeling that throughout this game, I'll be screaming "OHHHH MYYY GAAAAAAAAH-" 
that's a good thing

Posted by LeonsHell

I like it, not as much sway when enemies grab onto you.

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Posted by MiniPato

Space gunship and train sequence. Now all it needs is a collapsing building sequence and a truck hopping sequence.

Posted by Meteora

This looks outrageously intense. 
... I should actually finish up Dead Space instead of being a pansy. <_<

Posted by shakra

I love your intro video to e3, well done whoever did that.

Posted by RobotHamster

Yes!!!! And I know I'm getting mine for ps3!

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Wow. The guy toggling those camera switches wasn't helping me figure out what was going on in that last bit.
I'm loving how they kept space silent. I feel like that would be one of the first things they would have changed if they were going to try to 'mainstream' the franchise. Glad to see it's still intact.


Dammit I had better finish up Dead Space 1 before January then. Curse you Backlog.

Posted by LucyGlitter


Posted by Lies

This demo blew my mind. Made me REALLY want to go play Dead Space 1

Posted by MeatSim

Isaac has to ask himself how he keeps getting into these situations.

Posted by Makzin

Looks awesome, gotta finish the first game I suppose.

Posted by EthanielRain

I hate playing scary games, but I am surely going to make one of my friends play through this while I watch! ^_^v

Posted by Never_Not_Gaming

Great, another game to play only during daylight hours...

Posted by gbpackers94

So crazy, I can barely tell what's happening.

Posted by Rasgueado


Posted by beeryayghost

Lincoln Force for life.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

This actually makes me want to play Dead Space! Good job!!

Posted by Quacktastic

Wow I guess I'm not the only person that never finished Dead Space.  Got to get on that.

Posted by ChemEngPaul

Definitely looking forward to this. Quite disappointed that its January 2011 but it's understandable considering how little commercial attention it would recieve [again] thanks to Black Ops and Medal of Honor.
Definitely impressed that Visceral aren't confining themselves to a series of corridors and small rooms this time around from this footage at least. Hopefully the rest of the game maintains this sense of scale.

Posted by Reverseface

I don't like the new future armour suit, i prefer the rambled together shitty engineer suit from the first game.

Posted by AckbarTheGreat
I'm sure that there will be some way to unlock it.
Posted by Crono

Another title I am looking forward to :D

Posted by Arkyris

I wonder if I'll be able to play this game with the sound on this time... eh, probably not.
Posted by WWWackyson

You know, for a "gameplay demo," this looks a whole helluva lot like one long interactive cutscene.

Posted by Gazel_Ministry

Impressive. Wasn't even considering this game until I saw that trailer.

Posted by IceTrey87

Hmm..  I never understood why people said the first one was so scary.  It made me jump every once in a while but aside from that it wasn't nearly as traumatic as playing Clock Tower as a young lad.   Anyway this one certainly looks like they upped the action factor from the first game but I don't know how I feel about how chaotic and scripted this looks.  I hate when games take away more player control in favor of scripted set pieces a la Uncharted 2.

Posted by twelve1784

I absolutely loved Dead Space, but I wish I could see the guy's controller inputs while he was playing... about 70% of the time I'm not sure if it was a cutscene or if he was doing some button mashing/QTE

Posted by ISuperGamerI
@Meatsim said:
" Isaac has to ask himself how he keeps getting into these situations. "
Rofl I love the first game and it wasn't a scary game, just hope the sequel is as good lol.
Posted by ArcLyte

and i told myself i would refrain from watching any spoiler-y dead space 2 content

Posted by Raspinudo
@Utah said:
" Great, another game to play only during daylight hours... "
lol yeah
Posted by KowalskiTakePoint
Not QTE more like the tenticales from the first game where the only control you have is aiming. 
Posted by ryanwho

Gameplay should be in quotations. What a joke.

Posted by morningthief

If I were Isaac, I think I'd have had a heart attack by now.

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Dead Space is great but playing these types of games really puts you on edge, sometimes I can only play them for a hour or so then I put something else on to relax.

Posted by Red12b


Posted by Sparklykiss
@morningthief:  Shit would have been lining the inside of my suit if I had been Isaac.
Posted by Capum15

...holy shit, that was awesome.

Posted by Shadowsquire

ok that looks pretty damn awesome. Those parts where hes been grabbed by the necromorph looks like it might be suited better to either a mouse or motion controls.

Posted by DJJoeJoe
@Makzin: I own but have never completed Dead Space, not only do I find it hard to get through horror games/films but the controls for Dead Space were kinda unique so trying to play it again a few months ago I realized that I probably need to start the entire game over to re-learn everything, which is something I don't think I could do.
Posted by RandomInternetUser

I really hope they don't move away from suspense/atmosphere to incorporate crazy action set pieces all over.  I loved the first game so much because of the suspense and atmosphere. 

Posted by Lazyaza

Holy fuck on a sandwich this looks awesome.  I mean I knew the sequel would be good but god damn that scripted event was on par with a God of War boss fight, only with the emphasis on "run like fuck or die" lol.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Yes please!

Posted by Hangnail

Hole-eeeee SNAP!

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