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Where's Brad, cowering in the corner?

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Goin' to space with this interview

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John Carmack! I've been looking forward to this interview.

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ohh , ive been waiting for this ever since they mentioned it on the bombcast!

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Space, space, wanna go to space.

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Are giantbomb videos running like crap for anyone else today? It won't even stream properly. I thought it was a problem with my internet connection, but everything else is running fine for me.

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@Delta_Ass said:
Where's Brad, cowering in the corner?
Brad fainted the moment he saw The Carmack.
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OH SNAP!  The Carmack speaks!  Nice get you guys!

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John fucking Carmack!!!!

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For a guy now in his 40's John looks really young.

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Great interview with alot of really good info. He practically interviews himself, and that is not a bad thing in this case at all.

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Holy crap, John Carmack loves to talk 

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He's like a professional singer - no need for breath breakes. My head hurts... 
I agree though. The graphics are good enough already. Good that someone so important for gaming industry as he is, is taking a new approach.

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Is it just me or are there some similarities in the appearances of John Carmack and Brad Shoemaker? Might just be me.

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This is an awesome interview.

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man, so articulate.

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Dude is smart.
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Has anyone ever mentioned that Brad looks a lot like John Carmack?  Granted, with glasses and his face is a touch thinner...but I see some resemblance.

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great video!

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Carmack must be every interviewers dream, you ask a question and he answers 10. Carmack has a design philosophy to graphic engines that perhaps may not reflect in their games, but that I really admire and I hope that the future bodes well for the man! 
Also: Never realised that Pat had elven ears!

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I can listen to that guy all day.

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Been waiting so long for this!

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Great interview.

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John Carmack always reminds me of the encyclopedia britannica kid :

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Boom! Speculer frenalic doubleflopping bizzleshading with perlenic ripple bumping FTW!

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Laying it down, Carmack style.

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Patrick Klepek, more than subliminally valuable.

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Wow. He really will talk for days, I would love to see Jeff do an hour long interview ala Ken Levine. That would be super interesting.

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I wish I sounded as smart as John Carmack. My computer science courses would've been a lot easier. :(

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@shoddyrobot said:

John Carmack always reminds me of the encyclopedia britannica kid :

Holy crap!  Never noticed that, lol!
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hahahahaha brad was scared to interview this guy?!?!?! awww thats really cute and its so funny cause Carmack is such a dork I can't see anyone being afraid of him. 
EDIT: this guy is obviously a genius though. I'm a dork and i wish that I was this smart... 

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Am I the only person who doesn't think 60FPS is the best thing ever? For fighters or racing games I think it makes sense, but otherwise I prefer the more film-like look that 30FPS gives. 60 frames per second just looks too smooth, like a home video when compared to a movie.

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Great interview, even if it was just Carmack talking with himself. Love listening to the man speak, he is clearly a very smart dude.
I also like that it was barely about Rage. Yay for going off message, it makes thing actually interesting.

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John carmack is a God and Rage will be the a strong GOTY candidate. Can't wait for Doom 4 

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John Carmack...possibly the most well respected gaming developer in the biz. Along with Will Wright and Sid Mieir.

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Carmack's smart. Really, insanely smart!

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What a totally cool, really smart guy. I dunno why but I wasn't really expecting that.

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YEAH! John is awesome.

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I need John Carmack on the podcast. Pretty please guys

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This man is a freckin superhuman.

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@BulletproofMonk said:

@Delta_Ass said:
Where's Brad, cowering in the corner?
Brad fainted the moment he saw The Carmack.

Brothers, separated at birth

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John Carmack makes Brad's sideburns quiver.

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I just watched this John Carmack interview on there and it's as entertaining as always to see him go like a madman on there. I just finished reading Masters of Doom recently on there so that deepened my respect for this guy by a lot on there. His passion for his work shows on there and one day I imagine him doing something extremely innovative not only for gaming but for the computing world in general on there.

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I wish the interview was longer.

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Great interview but next time more PC questions please! It's John Carmack! He always has something interesting to say about PC gaming.

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Sorry Patrick Klepeck, your fanboyism and love for the Nintendo brand will soon take it's toll. 

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Whats the deal with the video? It plays half way then stops! :(

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I'm surprised Brad wasn't the one interviewing.