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Posted by Kasswara

Congrats Xboxers!

Posted by GodsMistakeXx

Wasn't expecting this

Posted by avidwriter
@godsmistakexx said:
Wasn't expecting this
Really? I mean, who didn't expect this? I'm surprised it took them this long to announce it honestly.
Posted by Soffish

Onyx here we come!

Posted by Seedofpower

NO no no no no no no no no no. STOP.


Posted by Henrythetrain

when i was listening to this i swear i heard him say a brand new trilogy coming to xbox....... well i better go get my ears cleaned out

Posted by fillmoejoe

Finished the fight? Time to start a new one.

Posted by GodsMistakeXx
@avidwriter: I knew it was going to happen eventually, but I didn't know when. And it's been long enough that I had completely forgotten about any potential for Halo 4
Posted by ZGoon


Posted by maxB

Finish the Fight, but for reals this time

Posted by deltaalphabravo

Was that Assassin's Creed music played right at the end?

Posted by TOA_Doom

I certainly didn't expect it...but that's mostly just because i had stopped caring altogether.

Posted by MassiveDuck

@avidwriter: I don't think people were expecting a straight up Halo 4, a new game, sure.

I hope this has NOTHING to do with the flood, that is all I want from future halo games.

Posted by Warihay

Couldn't be more excited so see were they are going with this trilogy. Can't wait!

Posted by ZGoon

So what is that thing at the end?

Posted by ch3burashka

I'm not too jaded to not enjoy a new Halo experience. Sure they're pillaging the license, but as long as they're good I'm happy, and as long as the story is crazy it's fine by me. 
In the books, the non-Master Chief bits are by far the craziest, what with them going into VR worlds the Forerunners built. If after Halo 6 they wanna keep making Halo games (and believe me, they do), that would be fun to see.

Posted by Lemonator

Damn it IGN stream cut to EA before this. But this is awesome anyway holy JEEEEEEEEEEESUS!

Posted by Rekt_Hed

Nice trailer......but its more Halo.....urghhhhh



Posted by pweidman

Good to see MC again, and to see this game open at the end of Halo 3's legendary ending.  The continuity helps imo.  Now a whole new adversary, and no purple!
Posted by Captivelemon


Posted by CrimsonNoir

i think they should make this like prey 2 and MC is a bounty hunter on an alien planet :D

Posted by Sevan

ok 343... idk what the hell kind of flair gun chief shot there... but ill give you your chance. dont drop the ball.

Posted by yogetoutdaway

:( .... But I already finished the fight... you're saying that my perfect Gladiator-esque ending for Halo 3 isn't the ending anymore?

Posted by BasketSnake


Posted by redrum_redrum


Posted by thenexus
@Rekt_Hed: So? It will sell crap loads of copies and I will play it and still enjoy it, its Halo.
I think I have done well and avoided all the offshoot games and only ever played Halo 1,2 and 3 and I stand by that choice and then purchase this one and feel very happy with it as a result.
Posted by drstrawberry

ahhh shittttttt
Posted by Selftest

If there is Flood again, I will not be playing it... Again. I HATE the Flood. 
P.S: Anybody notice that "flood" is a really funny looking word to type and read?

Posted by TheFreeMan

start a whole new fight 

Posted by Rekt_Hed

@thenexus: I played halo 1,2,3. They all seemed exactly the same other than just giving u dif weapon options. I tried to get into Reach cause my mates were raving about it and I just couldnt stomach it.

If people wanna get excited for Halo good for them. Im not gonna be one of them unless they do something radical with the franchise to justify yet another sequal.

Posted by CandiBunni

I just hope that it plays less arcadie, and that the campaign doesn't outright suck like Halo 3.

Posted by Agent_Eli

I'm not gonna lie, I got some chills.

Posted by paradox121

"Halo 4..." 
"Sure, I'll go with it." 
"....the dawn of a new trilogy" 
"Awwww :( "

Posted by Jadeskye


Posted by SammydesinasNL


Posted by MetalGearFlaccid

It looks like they will be introducing a new enemy unrelated at all to the original trilogy. Which could be pretty awesome, actually. I'd love to see something completely unrelated to the Forerunners or the Covenant, and see how 117 would react to this new threat.

Posted by Jack_Daniels

Fuck everyone who doesn't love this news.

Posted by Microshock

Good. Master Chief IS Halo. It's why ODST's and Reach's campaigns were crap.

Posted by Doonee63

thats a thing 

Posted by Chibi_Kaji

@Microshock said:

Good. Master Chief IS Halo. It's why ODST's and Reach's campaigns were crap.

Reach had the best campaign since the original Halo. 2 and 3 were ptretty meh if you ask me.

Cortana looked pretty strange too me...

Posted by Vampire_Chibi

The chief looks like something from halo legends, he looks terrible.

Posted by darkwingduck

im happy for the people who enjoy this series

Posted by AURON570

is the fight finished?

Posted by Chewii101
@BasketSnake: generic troll returns....again
Posted by Norusdog


Posted by Jack_Daniels

@MassiveDuck said:

@avidwriter: I don't think people were expecting a straight up Halo 4, a new game, sure.

I hope this has NOTHING to do with the flood, that is all I want from future halo games.

Uhhh having read all of he Halo Novels... the flood is CRUCIAL to the Halo Universe. Thats why the Halo rings exist in the first place.

Posted by JohnPaulVann
@wompa421 said:

i might get this just to see if the new dev fucks it up

Anybody else think the author of this comment should be committed for a long time?
Posted by dezvous

As a completely indifferent person that has played all them I really wish the games were anything like this trailer.

Also, the new logo looks way better than the last, the font is much nicer.

Posted by christ0phe

The fight may be finished, but Master Chief was left stranded floating in the galaxy.  It is very possible there is a new threat whereever he floated to.  Maybe the Reapers?  What if master chief is Shepard

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