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Posted by Rhaknar

whoa 25mins? will save for when i have food in my belly!

Posted by effache

Ken Levine seems so sincere no matter what he's saying.

Posted by twillfast

Ken is the boss.

Posted by Rhaknar

scarlet witch reference does make you a nerd Ken... and also makes you fucking amazing. clone this man, so we can have more great games

Posted by Marz

damn 25 minute interview, feel like i know more about game design now.

Posted by Rhaknar

also, he mentions Mass Effect and SSX... i wish more developers mentioned other games / companies (like jeff and ed boon talking about sf X tekken), stop pretending other shit doesnt exist

Posted by doejonathan

Is Ken Levine so awesome that he disrupts the camera's image stabilizer. The same happened with the '10 interview.  I don't want to be that guy, but if you interview someone who has interesting things to say, you don't need to pull an MTV to keep the viewers attention. Less Greengrass, more Polanski please. 

Posted by FixtheFernBack

Ken and Irrational are one of the shining lights of this industry. Could listen to him all day.

Posted by UnrealDP

Man, Ken is such a pro from using jeffs name formally to actually sounding sincre instead of an info spewing robot.
Posted by Xenos_19

Ken Levine is fantastic, so down to earth, it's great to hear what he has to say

Posted by TemplarNeo

A great interview from someone who obviously knows and loves what he does. Certainly taken a lot away from this.

Posted by rmanthorp


Posted by Sharpshooter

Could those tears be responsible for the signs and pictures changing in the first gameplay trailer.

GO back and check if you don't believe me. Pay attention to the signs and the portrait in the bar. Its subtle but its there.

Posted by wumbo3000

ken levine is such an interesting dude.  great interview jefft!

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I love hearing this guy talk about this game. It makes me want to play it even more.

Not that I didn't already. I loved Bioshock 1, and the trailers for Infinite are great. It's so clear from this how much he loves what he does. I want to support that.

Posted by Rewcastle

Hah. I love how you can feel Jeff's genune respect for Ken. He is a game developer-ass game developer. Something pretty rare in the industry.
Did anyone else feel that Ken got suckered into the whole move thing though. I was totally behind his anti motion movement (pun intended).

Posted by Ventilaator

Jeff told the dentist story on a Bombcast already, and here's Levine telling the story to him at E3, did he tell it to him twice or something?

Posted by Vager

Great Interview, as always.

Posted by DJJoeJoe
@effache said:

Ken Levine seems so sincere no matter what he's saying.

yea I really hate that I was so put off by his very first press photo they showed when bioshock 1 was out, the one that made him look sorta like a douche. If I knew who he was like I do now I'd have payed way more attention to bioshock then I did.
Posted by KillyDarko

I sure hope they leave MP out of BioShock Infinite and focus solely on giving us the best possible SP experience!

Posted by krabboss

I really feel like I'm the only who doesn't feel like this game will be anything special. Or at least, what we've seen so far hasn't been anything special beyond the art design. All we've seen so far is a rather straightforward shooter with some shallow choices you can make.

Posted by Vitor

@Vager said:

Great Interview, as always.

Really enjoyed the extended Irrational interview Jeff did a few months back - these guys just get on really well and it shows in the quality of the interview that comes from that.

Interesting questions and a wonderfully frank discussion.

Posted by Nate_is_my_fake_name

I've never actually seen or listened to Ken Levine before E3...and I like this guy.

Posted by 234r2we232

Ah, video game celebrities. Taking all the credit from huge studios to feed egos. Good for them...

Posted by KarateKid

awesome interview =)

I like this guy, he seems to sincere. Great job Jeff

Posted by Brake

Listen to Kenny Levine talk about BioShock for 25 minutes? Yeah okay!

Posted by MachoFantastico

Love Jeff's interviews with Ken, he's a fascinating guy.

Bioshock Infinite looks and sounds thrilling.

Posted by melting_window

I have a serious intellectual admiration for Ken Levine and David Lynch: I don't know why those two guys are linked in my mind.    Bioshock Infinite looks great but I wish Ken would try to develop smaller games.  I would love to see an 'indie' game with the Ken Levine stamp of approval.

Posted by Winternet

Great, great interview.

Posted by ValiantGrizzly

It is my duty to inform you that Ken Levine is indeed, as demonstrated by a multitude of voiced opinions the comment section of this video, the man.

Posted by HubrisRanger

Scarlet Witch AND SSX references? I'm calling it: best E3 interview ever.

Posted by RagingLion

I could listen to Ken Levine talking all day I think.  Another great relaxed interview that brings out the best.  I want all interviews to be like this, though I know it wouldn't work with everyone.

Posted by dropabombonit

Great interview, Ken Levine is a legend

Posted by Vetterli

I could spend hours just listening to Ken Levine talking about random stuff.

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Giantbomb interviews > everything else.

Really interesting as always.

Posted by golguin

I think Ken Levine would be down for some Real Talk if he was on a bombcast.

Posted by Blair

Ken is my favorite person making video games.

Posted by MaxOpower
So true, that guy just seams like the greatest, smartest  and most honest and  interesting man in the industry. 
Posted by claudius

Great interview. Ken is a really interesting guy. Would love to have him come in and rap on a Bombcast sometime.

Posted by Vetterli


Exactly. He seems so down to earth that it makes every other game developer out there seem like they suffer from ADHD or something.

Posted by Nizzleworth

I love Ken. I remember when he was on a particularly great episode of GFW Radio.

Posted by StriderNo9

Ken is just awesome, he really is an interesting figure in this industry. He seems so real, he knows his strengths and knows how to challenge himself. Jeff really respects him, you can see it every time they talk.

Posted by Seraphim84

Scarlet Witch name dropped? I love Ken Levine

Posted by SpartanAmbrose

I will never get tired of watching a Ken Levine interview. There aren't many other people in the industry who could talk for almost 25 minutes straight and leave you wanting more.

Posted by AjayRaz

25 minutes is not enough for Ken Levine 

Posted by emergency

Really great interview, but every since someone pointed it out the camera work isn't the best. It's a little shaky and zoom in zoom out.

Posted by Hector
Ken is the man!
Posted by Nomin

Shaky cam is shaky, argh. 

Posted by BigChief

It's always great to hear these interviews with Ken Levine. He has great ideas, and it's interesting to hear him talk about them. And it seems like if anyone could sell me on the Move, or the WiiU for that matter, it could be him, since he seems to be coming at it from the right angle.

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